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The Harvard Business Review

How to Get Your Team to Stop Asking You Every Little Question –

The Downside of Flex Time –

Is It Even Possible to Focus on Anything Right Now? –

How to Overcome Your (Checks Email) Distraction Habit –

Protecting Company Culture Means Having Rules for Email –

4 Ways Leaders Can Protect Their Time and Empower Their Teams –

To Control Your Life, Control What You Pay Attention To – 

Your Team’s Time Management Problem Might Be a Focus Problem –

Until You Have Productivity Skills, Productivity Tools Are Useless –

4 Organizational Mistakes That Plague Modern Knowledge Workers –

Why New Personal Productivity Efforts Don’t Stick –

Fixing Our Unhealthy Obsession with Work Email –

Vacation Policy in Corporate America Is Broken –

Time Management Training Doesn’t Work –

Your Late-Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team –


The Wall Street Journal


Excessive Meetings Are A Drain On Your Company: Here’s How To Fix It –

Best Practices for Building an Engaged Workforce –

Why Leaders Should Want Their Employees To Quiet Quit –

What Does Work-Life Balance Even Mean? –

How To Leverage Your Most Important Asset During Inflationary Times –

Two Key Commitments For Successful Remote And Hybrid Teams –

Hybrid Work Environments Require New Communication Strategies –

The Killer Competitive Advantage You Aren’t Leveraging: Reputation Capital –

After Hours Emails Are Worse Than You Think –

No One Wants to Work Too Much. So Why Do We Do It? –

10 Things Leaders Need To Get Right For Happy, Productive Employees (Part 2) –

10 Things Leaders Need To Get Right For Happy, Productive Employees (Part 1) –

Improving Work-Life Balance: Is There Such A Thing As Business Hours Anymore? –

More Ways To Succeed At Remote Work In 2021 And Beyond –

5 Ways To Succeed At Remote Work In 2021 And Beyond –

2 Productivity Drains To Add To Your Vocabulary And Delete From Your Life –

5 Easy Ways To Leverage Attention Management And Boost Your Productivity Now –

How To Support Parents Juggling Kids And Working Remotely –

Communication Is Not What You Think –

It’s Time To Face Facts: Burnout Is Rampant –

3 Ways Great Leaders Make Their Organizations Adaptable –

Correct This Leadership Mistake For A Culture Of Attention Management –

Solve Productivity Problems By Updating Time Management Training To Attention Management –

Make This Easy Mental Shift To Improve Your Productivity –

3 Steps To Managing Work Stress –

Do Distractions Wreck Your Day? Here’s A Smart Fix –

Managing Your Attention: Surprising Ways To Improve Your Productivity –

For Best Productivity: Manage your Attention, Not Your Time –

No Email After 5: The New Rule for Mental Health –

Tired Of Wasting Time? 6 Ways To Make Every Meeting Super Productive –

How To Make Productive Use Of Your Breaks At Work –

Hate Meetings? Ask These 4 Questions To Decide If An Invite Is Worth Your Time –

What Successful People Do On Sunday To Be Productive All Week –

Banish Work Distractions With These 7 Strategies –

Fast Company

These Seven To-Do List Mistakes Could Be Derailing Your Productivity –

What To Do On 15-, 30-, and 60-Minute Breaks –

Six Items That Should Never Be On Your To-Do List –

How To Work Only 40 Hours A Week This Year –

Got 15 Spare Minutes? Here’s How To Make It Count –

Four Steps To Take Right Now To Make Your First Day Back From The Holidays Suck Less –

6 Steps To Tame Your Email Overload –

8 Productivity Habits Of The Most Successful Freelancers –

Six Ways Parents Can Make The Most Of Their Lunch Hour –

6 Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Scheduling Meetings –

The Future of Work- 12 Tech Tools Productivity Experts Can’t Live Without

5 Ways To Finally Stop Wasting Your Time –

Get To Work By Meeting Procrastination Head-On –

Six Items That Should Never Be On Your To-Do List –

How To Work Only 40 Hours A Week This Year –

Got 15 Spare Minutes? Here’s How To Make It Count –

Four Steps To Take Right Now To Make Your First Day Back From The Holidays Suck Less –

6 Steps To Tame Your Email Overload –

8 Productivity Habits Of The Most Successful Freelancers –

Six Ways Parents Can Make The Most Of Their Lunch Hour –

6 Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Scheduling Meetings –

The Future of Work- 12 Tech Tools Productivity Experts Can’t Live Without

5 Ways To Finally Stop Wasting Your Time –

Get To Work By Meeting Procrastination Head-On –


7 Books to Help Entrepreneurs Get More Done –

5 Rules for Staying in Charge of Your Inbox –

The Don’t-Be-a-Schmuck Guide to Rescheduling –

3 Steps for Successful Recovery From a Business Trip –

3 Popular Time-Management Tricks That Don’t Work –

Financial Times

Shops to Employees: Please Take a Summer Vacation –

Step Away From the Inbox: After-Hours E-Mail Drains Workers –

Shops Chase Top Talent With Unlimited Vacay, Sabbaticals –

Gotta Minute? Just Say No. –

Train Yourself to Concentrate with ‘Pull-Ups for the Brain’ –

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Podcasts and Interviews

Making Waves at C-Level with Thom Singer
New Book for Leaders – EVERYONE WANTS TO WORK HERE –

ScaleX Insider Podcast with Brendan McGurgan
Maura Nevel Thomas – How attention management drives productivity and helps your business scale –

The Leadership Habit Podcast
Attention Management (Not Time Management) is the Key to Productivity with Author Maura Thomas –

The Human Performance Podcast
Action Management: How do you store, organise and prioritise? –

Something You Should Know
Why Having Fun Really Matters & Powerful Strategies to Tame Your Email –

New Books Network
Scholarly Skills: Getting From To-Do to Done –

How to Be Awesome at Your Job Podcast
How to Master Your Attention, To-Do List and Inbox with Maura Thomas –

Money Life with Chuck Jaffe
Centerstone’s Deshpande: ‘Value is actually working,’ but growth stocks iffy (includes tips from Maura Thomas regarding email inbox clutter) –

School for Startups Radio
Time Vs. Attention Panel Discussion with Robbie Bach, Xbox Creator, Maura Thomas, Founder of Regain Your Time, Seth Estep of Tractor Supply Company, and Monica Lopez of Stanley Black & Decker-

Attention Management Is Foundational To Productivity-

Does Working From Home Make For Happier Employees? –

The Matt Townsend Show on Sirius Satellite Radio – 

Thom Singer
Be an Expert at Something – With Maura Thomas –

TimeCamp – Episode #23 – Stay on Top of Your Work with Maura Nevel Thomas

Distraction Podcast – Hosted by Dr. Edward Hallowell
Tune Out the Noise and Get Stuff Done! –

The Mark Struczewski Podcast
Attention Management –

Talking Productivity on Fox 7 Austin

Take Back The Night from Email –

The Innovation Show
Is Your Focus and Attention a Problem? The future of work in a knowledge economy. –

Choinque Podcast
Episode 9-

Statesman Shots
Statesman Shots #74: Maura Thomas on Productivity –

Stacey Alcorn
Regain Your Time: A Conversation with Maura Thomas

Sales for Nerds
016 Maura Thomas on Attention Management –

1 Simple Thing Podcasts (5 episodes-#306-310)
Stop Sabotaging Your Productivity –

Austin American Statesman
Email: You’re Doing It Wrong –

Interview with Lisa Davis: It’s Your Health, Nationally Syndicated Radio Show

Interview with with Bryan Person, Founder of the Social Media Breakfast
Managing Your Attention ––43rd-phonecast

3 Ways to Become More Productive –

On the Brink with Andrea Simon
014: Maura Nevel Thomas: Isn’t It Time to Regain Your Time? –

#107: Don’t Hit Send! That Late Night Email Is Doing More Harm Than Good –

The Remarkable Leadership Podcast
Leadership Productivity Principles with Maura Thomas –

Coffee with a Stranger (Interview)
Maura Thomas – Productivity expert, author and reluctant exerciser –

Good Day Austin

The Experience Pros
Radio Interview with Angel Tucci and Eric Reamer

The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper
Attention Management with Maura Thomas –

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do
Attention Management with Maura Thomas –

The Go-Giver Podcast with Bob Burg
Manage Attention…Unleash Genius –

Intelligence for Your Life Podcast
Time Management is a Myth with Maura Thomas –

How to Be Awesome at Your Job Podcast
How to Break Your Habit of Distraction with Maura Thomas –

Simple Money Wins Podcast
Attention Management with Maura Thomas –


My 3 Favorite Reads of 2023 –

Korn Ferry Briefings Magazine
Pay Attention (*Because Nobody Else Is) –

Porchlight Books Change This
Take Your Vacation! A Manifesto for Knowledge Workers (contributed article) –

Aventis Learning Group Blog
5 Practical Time Management Skills to Achieve Work Life Balance –

Simple Truths Blog (contributed articles)

Improve Company Communication in 5 Steps –

How to Unleash Your Brainpower Momentum –

3 Unconscious Calculations That Undermine Employee Productivity –

5 Reasons Why Faster Doesn’t Equal Better –

Do Distractions Wreck Your Day? Here’s a Smart Fix –

Vistage Blog
5 Ways Emails Costs Your Company –

Austin Technology Council
Ten Overlooked Problems Facing Your Business –

How to Increase Your Attention Span in a World Full of Distractions –

HR Morning
Communication vs. productivity: 4 tips to get the balance right –

Training Industry
4 Productivity Tips for Remote and Hybrid Learning Leaders –

Voyage Austin
Meet Maura Thomas of Regain Your Time –

Training Magazine
A New Type of Productivity Training Can Increase Your Bottom Line –
7 Habits of highly productive marketing and design teams –

Kirkus Reviews
Work Without Walls by Maura Thomas Becomes Amazon Bestseller

Korn Ferry Advance
Batch Working 101
Wharton’s Adam Grant: How to Use Attention Management for Productivity –

Bud to Boss, Kevin Eikenberry Blog
Improve Team Productivity with 3 Attention Management Strategies

Need a response urgently? Don’t email. Add more rules for WFH communication –

13 Ways to Be a Better Boss to Yourself –

How to Delegate and Get More Done –

The Business Trip Checklist for Freelancers & Small-Business Owners –

Is Your Business Ready for These 5 Summer Risks? –

5 Ways to Maintain Small-Business Productivity During the Holidays –

The Productive Woman
Productive Reading: Attention Management by Maura Thomas

Business Insider
How to Identify the Common Work Habits Sabotaging Your Productivity

Thrive Global
12 Ways to Avoid Self-Sabotaging Your Productivity

The Globe and Mail
Pay Attention to These Management Tips

The Daily Texan
Q&A: Time Management Is Dead, Says Maura Thomas

The Sanity Snack
How to Prevent Burnout When life Gets Busy –
7 Ways IT Consultants Can Boost Productivity –

House Method
The Key to Maximizing Productivity When Working from Home May Be All in Your Space –

Chicago Tribune
How Often Should You Check Facebook at Work? –

7 Habits Of Superproductive People –

HR Dive
Say Goodbye to the Cubicle Farm: Office Designers Focus on Branding, Wellness –

Real Simple Magazine

Forget Time Management — Attention Management Is the Better Path to Productivity

How To Win At Working From Home How to Sign Off After Work (In an Always-On World) –

6 Ways to Be More Productive When You’re Working From Home –
5 Great Reasons to Have a Meeting When Working Remotely –

Timing Blog
9 Entrepreneurs share Weird Ways They Manage time Effectively –

8 Ways to Work Smarter (Not Harder) –

How to Get Started Doing That Thing You Really Don’t Want to Do (But Have to!) –
How to Stop Bringing Work Stress Home with You –
10 Productivity Hacks from Top Entrepreneurs to Boost work Performance –
The Best Employee Perks to Entice Top Talent –

Why You Actually Need to Use Your Vacation Time –

15 Proven Ways to Accelerate Your Productivty –

How To Win At Working From Home ––40759

The Best Ways to Evaluate Remote Employees –
Unlock the Power of Attention Management at Work –

Tips for Cultivating a Productive Home Office –

How to Wrap Up Your Day for Higher Productivity –

5 Time-Management Mistakes You Might Be Making –

10 Essential Productivity Tips for Road Warriors –

7 Tips for Managing Digital Information Overload –

Working Away From The Office –

The Week
The Promise and Peril of Working from Home –

Best Life Magazine
15 Ways to Triple Your Productivity Every Day –

Why Working from Home is the Holy Grail of Productivity Hacks –

Fora Financial
5 Business Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs –

Do After-Hour Email Restrictions Hurt or Help Productivity? –

Coworking Spaces: The Office Trend Every Entrepreneur Needs to Consider –

Counselor Magazine
9 Tips for Holding Better Meetings

The SpareFoot Blog
5 Ways to Increase Productivity –

The Business Journals
3 Strategies for Retaining Top Talent, Starting with Letting Them Breathe –

Austin Woman Magazine
Expert Maura Thomas Provides Entrepreneurs with Three Tips for Finding More Hours in the Day –

Managing Your Life Monster The Best New Year’s Career Resolutions for People in Their 30s –

The Best New Year’s Career Resolutions for People in Their 40s –

The Best New Year’s Career Resolutions for People in Their 50s –

Should You Run a Small Business from Home? –

Spirituality & Health Magazine
Embrace Your Inner Slacker –

Inspirations & Celebrations
10 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick –

4 Surprising Ways After-Hours Emails May Be Damaging Your Health –

Business News Daily
4 Tricks for Taming Post-Vacation To-Do Lists –

Take the Stress Out of Business Travel by Planning Ahead –

The Stir
9 Ways to Buy Yourself More Time to Tackle Your Holiday To-Do List –

10 Rules for Reducing Email Stress –

The Reason You Can’t Get Control of Email

Sprint Business
Overcoming Our Attention Deficit –

Productivity Experts Nail Down the Top 8 Office Distractions That Ruin Your Workday –

10 Productivity Boosting Email Tips From The Experts –

House Rules: What Employers Expect from Telecommuting Workers –

Inspirations and Celebrations
3 Ways to Stay Motivated When You’re Not Feeling Inspired –
8 Experts Reveal Their Top Productivity Tips –

Project Time Off
Analyzing the Business Implications of an Under-Vacationed Workforce –

34 Time Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs (by Experts) –

Small Business Computing
Productivity Tips for Small Business Checklist –

CEO Blog Nation
15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on the Future of Traditional Office Spaces –

Distraction Overload! 7 Ways to Get Back on Track at Work –
How to Create a Healthy Divide Between Your Work and Social Life –

Women’s Health Magazine
13 Productivity Hacks to Help You Get Sh*t Done –

Austin American Statesman
Want More Time? Austin Author Shows Us How To Manage Our Attention

Open Workspaces Can Test Workers in New Ways –

Control Your Attention to Help Manage Your Time — Here’s How –

On Inbox Overload? Your email doesn’t have to be that way, expert says How to Write Better Emails Get Focused With These Productivity Tips Get Your Email Under Control Coffee With…Maura Thomas –

Want More Time? Austin Author Shows Us How to Manage Our Attention –

Dice Insights
5 Bad Habits That Erode Work-Life Balance –

Actions to Be Mailbox Champion –

Working Capital Review
Businesses Seek Ways to Trade Time for Increased Work Efficiency

Levo League
11 Differences Between Busy People and Productive People –

Regain Your Time with 5 Tips from Maura Thomas

Post Bulletin
Let Your Mind Wander for Increased Attention

7 Habits of Highly Productive Women –

Business Unplugged
Tips for a Great Business Meeting –

Tips for Getting More Organized in Business –

The Best Time to Ace Work-Life Balance? On Vacation –

Quickbooks Intuit
5 Ways to Manage Your Time More Efficiently –

Small Biz Apps: What I’m Using While Traveling for Business –

Manilla Blog
Avoid Pitfalls to Increase Productivity

Texas Enterprise (UT Austin)
Featured Contributor Are You Making Your Employees Less Productive?

Rescue A CEO
How Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Use Their Phone for Business –

Functional Girl
“Busyness” vs. Productivity: Attention Management Makes the Difference

Metro News
“Airplane Mode” Can Help Keep You Grounded

Productive! Magazine
Productivity Lessons Learned at the Dojo Kick Time Management to the Curb and Focus on Attention Management

Austin Business Journal
For Productivity’s Sake, Use All the Vacation Time You Have – Al Gore Training Project Taps Local Trainer
To Be More Productive, Pick the Right Tools

Culture to Engage Blog

Shine by Yahoo
5 Things Stealing Your Attention

Featured Article by Maura Thomas on genConnect
What Steals Your Attention

Marketing With Moxie Blog
What Do You Need to Be More Productive?

Clickz Blog
Advertising in an Attention-Managed Society

850 Business Magazine
Minimizing Use of E-Mail Can Increase Efficiency, Reduce Stress –
The Myth of Multitasking

ASAE & the Center for Association Leadership
Dynamics of Leadership

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
How to Build Your Business

Training Industry Magazine
It’s Time to Update Your Time Management Training

6 Ways to Ensure Training Leads to Lasting Change –

How to Plan a Productive Annual Meeting –

The Daily Texan
Q & A: Time management is dead, says Maura Thomas –

Korn Ferry Advance
Batch Working 101 –

American Express
How a culture of honesty can reduce complexity in business –


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