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I’m very excited and proud to announce that earlier this summer, Wiley Publishing reached out to me and invited me to write the book on personal productivity that they wanted for their “Secrets” series.  The “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed, the writing has begun, and the timeline is set!  We are aiming for a publication date of spring, 2012.

Some people may remember that I won a book contest last year, and that was the first event that prompted me to move forward in the book-writing process. The prize for winning that contest was advice and assistance to get a book published, either self-published or help landing an agent and/or a publisher. I began researching the publishing process, learning about both traditional and newer processes for bringing a book to market. I decided to start writing and figure out the publishing later, and perhaps it was the “law of attraction” at work, but shortly after, I was contacted by an acquisitions editor at Wiley.

I’m so excited to work with them, as Wiley is the oldest independent publishing company in the world, and even though I’m not an employee, their corporate practices are important to me.  Happily, they have made several of Forbes’ “Best” lists, including “400 Best Big Companies to Work For,” “100 Best Companies to Work For,” and in Australia, the government’s “Employer of Choice for Women” citation.

Given that the book is about my work, and a topic I’ve been studying for almost 20 years, I foolishly thought that writing a book about it wouldn’t be that difficult. So far it is proving to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Luckily, I need to employ virtually every tip, technique, and process that I teach in order to stay on track, meet my deadlines, and produce a result I can be proud of.  And chronicling the process gives me more content for the book!

Watch for a new page on my website, coming soon, which will have continual updates about the content, the publication date, and, of course, the launch party!

I have so much appreciation for my friends, my family, my clients, and the amazingly supportive business community in Austin, Texas that have helped me get to this point. Click here for more details and to purchase.