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I was thrilled when an editor at Source Books invited me to write a book about attention management for a new imprint called Ignite Reads. Books in this line deliver content to readers that “sparks impact in just one hour!” So in a perfect marriage of content and form, I wrote Attention Management: How to Create Success and Gain Productivity–Every Day.
I couldn’t be more excited for you to read my new book that debuts September 9th (pre-order now to receive all the bonus materials for free!). It synthesizes the last decade of work that I’ve done to find practical solutions for our hectic lives. This slim volume will help you live a life of choice rather than a life of reaction and distraction. In it, I describe strategies to reduce daily stress and live with more energy and intention.

Time Management is Dead

The first post I wrote about attention management appeared on this blog in 2010. When it was time for me to write Attention Management: How to Create Success and Gain Productivity–Every Day, I reread that post. I was really struck by the fact that most of what I had written a decade ago still applies today. Here’s a quote from that post:
“The old ideas about ‘time management’ and multitasking are no longer working. In fact, they seem to be making things worse.”
Of course, as technology advances and requests for our time increase, this statement becomes even more true.
Over the past decade, I’ve noticed that the business leaders who contact me have an increasing need for strategies to manage their work lives. They’ve tried time management techniques. They know that in our technological age, these old ideas aren’t relevant anymore. 
The fact is that there are only 24 hours in a day.  We can’t manage time. We can’t extend it. My clients needed a new approach. They want to put in place tactics that actually work. 

The Solution is Attention Management

I wrote my first book, Personal Productivity Secrets, in 2011. I discussed attention management in the first couple of chapters. In the rest of the book, I introduced a step-by-step guide to a proven workflow management system. I called this the Empowered Productivity™ System. 
Empowered Productivity provides a solution to our current challenges—a solution steeped in attention management. It offers a big update to our thinking. I’ve trained hundreds of executives to use this System that has evolved as technology changes and demands on our attention increase. Part of the reason the System works is because it is based in attention management.

Discover Key Attention Management Strategies in One Hour

My second book is Work Without Walls. In it, I describe how leaders can create a work environment to nourish employee productivity. This book focuses on attention management and efficient communication. It also describes how leaders can support work-life balance to protect employees from the high cost of chronic stress and burnout.
Although attention management was a theme in my first two books, my latest book takes a deeper dive. It contains key insights I’ve gleaned from my extensive work with business leaders and professionals throughout my 25+ years in the productivity industry.
Because I’ve had the privilege of training so many executives in attention management, I can discern which strategies are easiest to implement and yield the biggest payoff. For example, several years ago I worked with Cindy, an executive at a Fortune 500 insurance company. Together with her team, we addressed the challenges of distraction, “always-on” availability, and the increasing pace of business. After the training, Cindy told me that she almost cried with relief! 
And then there is David, a project control engineer in the construction industry. When I met him, he was so far behind at work that he was at risk of losing his job. David used Personal Productivity Secrets to turn it around. Soon he was not only confident in his position, but he was requesting more and bigger challenges.

Unleash Your Genius and Increase Your Productivity

Real-world, current feedback from knowledge workers like Cindy and David informs my new book. Now I’m excited to share the strategies that are most likely to help you unleash your genius and increase your productivity. These strategies revolve around improving your focus to elevate your game. 
Put in place the practical techniques outlined in the book. Then you’ll no longer feel frantic, frazzled, and like you’re working around the clock. Instead, you’ll feel nurtured by your ability to fully show up in the world, and nourished by focusing on the people you love.
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