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This is Maura Thomas from This is the conclusion of my interview with Charles Palmer, the Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Entertainment & Learning Technologies, of Harrisburg University of Science & Technology. Please click the link at the top of the page to read the earlier parts.

Please click below to hear the transcript: Some Thoughts on Twitter

Palmer Interview Segment 6

MT:  What’s your Twitter handle so I can follow you?

CP:  Oh it’s easy, “CharlesPalmer.”

MT: Ok, mine is MNThomas, so you can watch for me.

CP: Ok

MT: I thought Twitter was the creepiest thing when I first heard about it, when I first joined.

CP: I’m the same way but then I found that, you know, a lot of…I work in the entertainment and educational realm and a lot of the people whose opinions I value…we ping questions back and forth…If there’s something I don’t know, I have no problem with putting a quick tweet out saying, “hey, has anyone used this software before, does it work?” You know, those sorts of things.  And when you talk about creating your own community and then you become a…I don’t know…uber-user and maybe a…let’s see…a specialist in one particular area within that community, it really makes the entire community rich.

MT:  I agree.

CP: So yeah, I fell in love with Twitter just because of that.

MT:  Yeah, I’m definitely a convert.  I spent about 6 months hating it and not understanding it, but then once I really embraced it…also I think when I started…I joined in October of 07, and I think people weren’t really using it very well back then.

CP:  Right, yeah.

MT:  But I think it’s definitely matured, and the users have matured, and the technology has made it easier to access, and…

CP:  Yeah, it’s no longer about hooking up….it’s no longer about hooking up and putting up drunk pictures up.  You know, it’s now actually using it another way.

MT: Exactly.  Exactly.  Well thank you very much for your time.

CP:  You are very welcome!  Alright, bye.

MT: Bye.