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Focus? Did Someone Say Focus?

If you've spent some time on this site you may have realized that I spend a lot of time reading and sharing the latest research and studies about focus, attention, and productivity. My friend Carlon, the man behind the very entertaining blog, Don't Step in the Poop,...

Turning Productivity into Passion, Part 2

A while ago I wrote about one of the greatest benefits of increased productivity: the extra time it allows you to give back to a cause you believe in.  I am fortunate to be on the board of an Austin non-profit called GENaustin (Girls Empowerment Network). GEN's...

Guest Post: Breakfast Fairies by Steve Harper

My dear friend and fabulous "Ripple Guy" Steve Harper put up a post on his blog yesterday that was just so touching, I wanted to share it. I've had the honor of meeting Steve's dad several times on his trips to Austin, and yes, he is as sweet and special as he sounds....


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