Empowered Productivity Books

based on attention management


Watch this short video to hear Maura explain the difference between her first two productivity books, and their foundation in attention management, which is the topic of her latest book.

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Skyrocket your personal productivity! Personal Productivity Secrets has been called a “game-changer” and a “home-run” by people looking to improve their performance, get more done, lower their stress, and improve their quality of life!

Work Without Walls by Maura Nevel Thomas

Take your organization to the next level! Learn how your corporate culture is sabotaging your team’s ability to bring their A-game every day. This is a concise guidebook that will give you step-by-step strategies to maximize your team’s performance and create an optimal employee experience!

Attention Management book by Maura Thomas

The competition for your attention has never been more heated. It’s critical to recognize that your only defense against this assault on your attention is your ability to control it. THIS is what I call “attention management,” and why it’s the most important skill for you to master.