Characteristics Within Empowered Productivity™ Components

Frequently distracted
vs in-control

people sitting on a bench looking at their iphones

CHAOS – Does not make an effort to control distractions, including but not limited to: notifications, interruptions from coworkers, smartphones, noise, clutter and disorganization, stress, boredom, personal problems, hunger, fatigue, unnecessary meetings, social media, pets, and children. Frequently shifts from challenging or mundane tasks to email or the internet. Multitasks. Procrastinates. Does not take mental breaks or take time to think things through.

CONTROL (characters of person who is in control) – Limits distraction, mindful, innovative, creative, resilient, proactive, engaged, high performing, reliable, detail oriented, strategic, focuses on one task at  time, present, intentional, efficient, reflective

Disorganized vs informed
(or ordered..)

people sitting on a bench looking at their iphones

CHAOS – Scattered information, too many questions, ignorance overload, missed steps, errors, difficulty, missed appointments, too much information, things forgotten, lack of progress, spinning wheels, lack of coordination, confusion, distraction, overwhelm, wasted time, wasted effort, reduced capability, lack of focus, lack of control, lack of insight, uncertainty, insecurity, lack of support, inconsistency, reduced ability to benefit from the strengths of others due to isolation, dependence on others despite isolation, frustration from others, lack of confidence from others, lack of dependability, poor reputation, reactivity, instability, indecision, missed opportunities, disorder/chaos, calendar too full of meetings.

CONTROL – Organized, informed, knowledgeable, action oriented, decisive, detail oriented, able to focus, accurate, dependable, proactive, in control, resourceful, capable, insightful, consistent, collaborative, independent, adaptable, resilient, reputable, strategic

Clutter and overwhelm vs ordered flow of information

people sitting on a bench looking at their iphones

CHAOS – cluttered inboxes, frequent interruptions, misses of cc and bcc, unnecessary notifications, scattered notes in notebooks or paper, scattered sticky notes, passive listening leading to misinformation, unclear messages, communication channels overwhelm, no communication standards, disorganized meetings, general disorganization, hidden or siloed information, unclear objectives/expectations, oversharing, faulty assumptions, habit of reactivity, using the wrong tools, people being left out of conversations.

CONTROL – active listener, clear, brief, ordered, organized, empty inbox, resourceful, informed, knowledgeable, organized, able to focus, effective information management, collaborative, commutative, non-distracting, resourceful

other directed vs self directed

people sitting on a bench looking at their iphones

CHAOS – stagnation, low control over events/results, frustration, unsatisfying results, inconsistency, things forgotten, wrong results, wasted time, powerlessness, meaninglessness, lack of progress, inability to adapt, unrealized goals, unmet expectations, regret, no self control, victimization, stuck on past events, lack of fulfillment, incapability, persistent problems, dissatisfaction, limitation, possibilities defined by others, lack of growth, persistent bad habits/addictions, missed opportunities, lack of achievement, dependence, more easily manipulated/taken advantage of, low control over personal resources, blame others or circumstances for mistakes.

CONTROL– Increase likelihood of realizing desired results, control over habits, enhanced ability to manage others, dependable, adaptable, accomplished, confident, resourceful, integrity, self-mastery

Conditions for burnout vs balanced work and life

people sitting on a bench looking at their iphones

CHAOS – fatigue, cynicism, feeling useless/powerless/incompetent, lack of accomplishment, depression, dislike work/job, irritable, distractible, insomnia, headaches, focus on comforts, anger, frustration, disengagement, illness, loss of appetite, anxiety, depersonalization, apathy, lack of motivation, feeling of worthlessness, lack of interest, lack of pleasure, lack of creativity, absenteeism, dreading work, stress, procrastination, loneliness, feeling inadequate, easily overwhelmed, irritability, lack of self-care, and forgetfulness.

CONTROL – Energized, Engaged, able, Accomplished, Enjoys work, Healthy, rested, focused on work, confident, interested, creative, present, composed, active, unfazed, reliable, structured, flexible, cheerful, connected, caring, motivated, shows up

Anti-productive vs productive

people sitting on a bench looking at their iphones

CHAOS – gossip or finger pointing, turnover, long hours, fear/insecurity, dysfunction, confusion, drama, disengagement, double standards, lack of connection among employees, lack of shared values, silos, lack of motivation, lack of work-life balance, lack of trust, chronic or excessive stress, gaslighting, low morale, criticism, complaints, lack of collaboration, absenteeism, inconsistent integrity, stalled projects, lack of transparency, no flow of information, bad behavior, complacency, lack of commitment, no innovation, disrespect, lack of inclusion, cutthroat competition, bullying, micromanagement, and anxiety.

CONTROL– Transparent, action oriented, low turnover, teamwork/collaboration, engagement, cohesion, energetic, balanced, trusted, stress free, productive, innovative, respected, inclusive, commitment to excellence, insightful, organized, growth oriented, rewarding, valued, accountable, empowered employees

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