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Productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas recommends the Throttle email management tool.

The Throttle email management tool gives you greater control and privacy.

Update 10/28/21: I still continue to use and recommend Throttle, and haven’t had any problems with it.

Update: 10/9/17: See the comments below. Users are reporting some difficulties. I occasionally have minor problems but as of now, I still recommend the product for non-critical, shopping and newsletter-type messages. [End update.]

If you’re looking for an email management tool to help get your inbox under control, let me introduce to you Throttle. I’ve been using Throttle for a couple of months now, and I officially love it! I love it so much, in fact, that I’ll be recommending Throttle in the next edition of my book, “Personal Productivity Secrets.” If you’ve read that book, you may remember that it touted an email management tool called Otherinbox, which (sadly) is now defunct. But Throttle is a great replacement for Otherinbox — and, actually, an even better product. Here’s how it works: You can use Throttle on your desktop, phone or tablet. When you install the Throttle browser extension, you never have to give your real email address to a website again. The extension fills out email submission forms with a unique Throttle address.

Productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas recommends the Throttle email management tool.

The Throttle daily digest

Throttle then takes all of your emails and compiles them into a single daily digest (at right) that it sends to you at a time you choose. When you get your digest, just click on the message you want to read and Throttle will take you to your dashboard. You can then read the message there or forward it to your real email address if you want to. It’s a great solution for wrangling all the emails you do want to see (like newsletters or discount offers from your favorite merchants) but that you don’t want to distract or overwhelm you as they fill your inbox throughout the day. If you ever want to revoke a sender’s address to your email box, you can do it with a single click instead of dealing with the sender’s unsubscribe process. And, you can also tell when senders sell your email address and immediately cut off their access to your inbox. Throttle is a better solution than having a “junk” email address as some people do (and as I did, before I had Throttle) because you won’t have to worry about checking for email in two places. Everything is centralized into one message and comes into your main email inbox, but your address stays private.  Throttle’s plans include free for the basic plan, suitable for most, and a nominal amount for the pro plan if you want some cool advanced features. I suggest you give Throttle a try. It will bring some sanity to your email inbox.