Attention Management is the new path to productivity

Time management doesn’t work.

But award-winning international speaker, trainer, and author Maura Thomas, understands what does. A longtime veteran of the productivity industry, Maura observed that today’s knowledge workers needed something a lot more powerful than the time management techniques they were typically being taught. Through her extensive research and experience, she found that the answer lies in attention management.

Attention management represents a big break from past ideas about how to be more efficient and increase productivity. It is based on the way we work today.

At its heart, attention management is about learning how to focus your attention, breaking free from all the things you’re constantly distracted by or reacting to.

It’s about regaining control over your attention and thereby taking control of your life.

This concept is at the core of everything Maura and her team do, from trainings and presentations, to books, to blogs and other writings.

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Attention management is the ability to control your distraction and maximize your focus, to be present in your moments, engage your flow, and unleash your genius.

Control Your Attention, Control Your Life

The techniques of time management were designed for a world that no longer exists. In the past, knowledge workers could easily block out specific time on their calendars, shut their office door, and work from their calendar to complete the task at hand. A lot has changed in the past few decades that has irreversibly altered this work environment:
The “world in our pocket” via internet on our smartphone
Email, social media, and the plethora of other ways to communicate, which means so many interruptions.
Portable devices are making it easier for work to follow us everywhere.
With these technological changes, the pace of work has accelerated.
More of us work in open offices or remotely, which means more disruptions.
control your attention; control your life
Because of these factors, today’s worker can’t just set aside the time for a task and get to it, that person must also defend their attention from the constant barrage of distractions.

Therefore, it is not enough to find the time to get a task accomplished, one must also pay attention to the task at hand.

This is what Maura refers to as attention management.

Learn more about Attention Management through the Empowered Productivity™ system