Case Studies

“Productivity and Peace”
Texas CASA

non-profit in Austin

Just six hours of training and an office competition brought productivity and peace to the 20 employees of Texas CASA, a non-profit in Austin. Employees who described themselves as overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated, now say they feel in control.

Demolishing Stress, Increasing Productivity & Shifting Company Culture: Texas CASA & Empowered Productivity Training™ from

Overwhelmed to Inspired!

“David” went from feeling overwhelmed, worried, and powerless to feeling in control over his work and life and relishing new challenges.

Skeptic to Supporter!

financial services firm

Read about the return on investment from a financial services firm from the perspective of their team member, Lindsay.

Immediate Payoff
industrial services company

Read about the immediate return on investment of this industrial services company.

Transformative Training!


Monica attended Empowered Productivity training with an eye toward assessing the elements of the class for their effectiveness. Not only did she find the training a great example of effective training, but she also called it “one of the most transformative learning experiences she’s ever had.” Read her story on the Workology site.