“Empowered Productivity has been a game changer.”


Erin Peereboom, Owner & Instructional Designer, Realize Consulting

I know that there were times before I started using the Empowered Productivity System™ that I felt scattered and anxious and panicked, and there was always that niggling feeling in the back of my head of, “Oh shoot, what am I forgetting?”

And I don’t have those moments anymore. Or if I do, I very rarely have them. And it’s immediately calmed by the fact that I know if it was something I needed to get done, I’ve put it into my task list and I have that information managed.

Since having my baby, my business has ramped up. I do have a lot more clients that I’m working with now than when I first learned the Empowered Productivity System. And so it’s really helped me scale my business and scale the work that I do across a variety of different clients in a way that doesn’t feel nearly as stressful as I think it would have before the Empowered Productivity System.

I feel a lot more confident in what I’m able to deliver, knowing that I have all the information in one space, that I’ve got all of my tasks captured, that I didn’t forget to respond to an email or follow up on something that somebody asked me to do. And so it helps me to be really proactive, not only in work in general, but in my interactions with clients: in the project management that I deliver to them, in the other deliverables, and then also just checking in with other people that I have working with me on projects and making sure that we have all of that communication together so that we’re getting ahead of anything that we need to be ahead of.

The Empowered Productivity System to me, I do refer to it as a workflow management system, and it really is a methodology to help me keep all the things in my life that need to get done in one spot and prioritize them in a way so that I know what needs to get done right away at any given moment.

The Empowered Productivity System has been really impactful in all areas of my life, so absolutely has it helped me manage my clients and my project with clients better? Yes, especially since usually part of what I’m delivering for them is a project management aspect, and so this really ties very heavily into that.

But in addition to being a business owner, I’m a mom of three and I have kids who play soccer, and we’ve got two dogs and a cat, and we’ve got Girl Scouts and other scouts and all of these different things, different organizations that I’m a volunteer for. And so the Empowered Productivity System really helps me keep all of those parts and pieces together and really helps keep me organized and focused to make sure that I’m able to do what I need to do for all the different places that I have those commitments.

And what I really appreciate about the Empowered Productivity System, again, is that it’s not just about work. It’s about all facets of my life and helps me keep them in one spot so that I keep myself together and that I don’t lose my mind.

One of the key pieces that I’ve gotten from Empowered Productivity, especially as it relates to attention management, I think people often talk about time management, but what I learned from Maura is that time management is really only effective as you can manage your attention.

So if you’re given 10 minutes, but you can’t focus, you don’t do anything with those 10 minutes. But if you have 10 minutes and you can focus your attention, now you’ve got 10 really awesome minutes to be as productive as you can be.

Empowered Productivity has been a game changer for me. This has helped me really figure out how to stay organized and how to stay focused. I think being in a role where I’m a consultant and I’m of service to other clients, I want to make sure I’m delivering on what I’ve committed to.

I love sharing about the Empowered Productivity System with my clients and colleagues and kind of anybody who will listen. I’m really passionate about what this system has done for me in all areas of my life, again, and just allowing me to be focused and be productive. So I’m excited to share that message wherever I get the opportunity, whether it’s with clients or with friends, and passing on Maura’s information wherever I can.



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