“The best investment I may have ever made for our employee development.”


Lee Watson, Chief Executive Officer, Alloy Engineering

The money we spent to bring Maura to Alloy Engineering is definitely an investment rather than just an expense. We have an executive leadership team of five, with a senior leadership team of 11. We have a total of 160 employees across three locations.

Vistage International is a worldwide CEO peer advisory group. Eight months a year, Vistage brings in a world-class speaker like Maura.

In Vistage, I’ve seen over 100 speakers in the last 17 years, all very high-quality, world-class speakers. I would put Maura, if not number one, definitely in the top three.

Just taking her learnings, her teachings back to my everyday work life, I’ve freed up five hours a week of my schedule, which in my role is very significant.

We brought Maura to Cleveland for three half days for everybody, all 40 of our knowledge workers, and then a fourth half-day session to work directly with the leadership team and set communication policies and expectations.

Honestly, I expected to get about 40% to 50% of the 40 people we put through her training excited and willing to try her techniques and her attention management and Empowered Productivity methodologies, and we got a way higher percent buy-in. If it’s not 100%, I’d say it’s in the mid 90%. Everybody that attended the training really enjoyed it.

We put 40 people through the training. If they each can save the same five hours that I saved, then that’s 200 hours a week. That’s five full-time employees. So we will definitely grow without having to hire more knowledge workers.

Speaking with the other leaders after the training from Maura, everyone’s anxiety level has gone down. They’ve been able to focus more on the tasks at hand. I consider it the best investment I may have ever made for our employee development.

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