“The system has made a monumental difference…I LOVE IT!”


Tim Brown, President/Owner, MBW Construction & Engineering

Well, after years of struggling with emails and text messages and so many different media things coming at me, and the world had changed so much since I’d started my career, I could no longer keep up. Something was off base for me. 

So I started looking for books, something to read that was different besides a time management piece, and I came across Personal Productivity Secrets. I bought it, read it, and it started to make an immediate impact on my productivity during the day. I still have a long ways to go. It’s a learning process. It just made a huge difference for me.

So I felt this is something my entire organization needs to get involved with, because we’re all struggling with the exact same thing. We coordinated with Maura to bring her in and spend time with the entire team and get them all ingrained on it. They’ve all read the book but to see it in person and to bring everything together—from the psychology of it, how the brain works, how you have to work your behaviors and your habits to make the system work—it just solidifies everything into one place that makes sense. 

And I could see buy in from all the people in the company as they went through it. I believe that a number of them—and I hope everybody—will start seeing a dramatic increase in what they get done during the day. Less chaos around them, less stress, happier environment because you know you’re taking care of the things that you need to take care of at that point in time, and you feel organized for what’s coming in the future. You shut down all those things that were coming at us.

The training was excellent. The communication and the openness. I never felt like—and I have to check with the rest of the team but —I never felt like it was getting jammed down our throat to do it this way. 

It was so rational in the steps from the start, the science behind how the brain works to here’s a program that can really help. Here are the things you need to do. And then, alright, to do this we know we have to change behaviors, so here’s quite a bit of time and research and energy put into that that created the buy-in to the program, I believe.

Update from Tim Brown, 4 months after Empowered Productivity™ Training:

“I would be lost right now without your system as the past month has been incredibly hectic. I must say that the system has made a monumental difference…The surprising thing to me has been that all of our “old world” on-site superintendents have latched onto this and are using it continually. . . . and they like it. This has led to them and the project managers working with them to get further out of the reactive mode and into a completely different management methodology. We are operating at a much higher level since implementing your system. I LOVE IT!”
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