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Case Studies

“Productivity and Peace”

Just six hours of training and an office competition brought productivity and peace to the 20 employees of Texas CASA, a non-profit in Austin. Employees who described themselves as overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated, now say they feel in control.

Demolishing Stress, Increasing Productivity & Shifting Company Culture: Texas CASA & Empowered Productivity Training™ from RegainYourTime.com

Skeptic to Supporter!

Read about the return on investment from a financial services firm from the perspective of their team member, Lindsay.

Overwhelmed to Inspired!

“David” went from feeling overwhelmed, worried, and powerless to feeling in control over his work and life and relishing new challenges.

Immediate Payoff

Read about the immediate return on investment of this industrial services company.

Lasting Impact

Maura’s training had such an impact on Julie‘s life, she blogged about it more than a year later!


Speaking Testimonials

Maura delivered a fantastic presentation. Her humor and enthusiasm kept us engaged and excited to learn all of her strategies for productivity. We left the training feeling inspired, enlightened and ready to take on the to-do lists that had previously overwhelmed us in both our personal and professional lives. It’s important to mention that Maura was also a pleasure to work with and eager to understand our business so that she could really connect on a deeper level to our employees. Thank you Maura!

Ellie DeLuca, SalonCentric, division of L’Oreal

I highly recommend Maura’s presentation. We found it to be a new and useful perspective on not just “time management,” but more importantly, “productivity.” She also impressed us (even the more experienced technophiles) with her insights on technology.

Allen Hauge, Group Chair, Vistage International

Training Testimonials

Regain Your Time training helped us achieve a level of productivity that has generated profit from process. Not only did we redefine our business operations, I personally regained lost hours in my day. Anxiety has been replaced with a cooler. more strategically-focused business owner. The value that this training provides isn’t measured in dollars but in peace of mind.

Christopher Justice, CEO, Sparksight


Regain Your Time training taught me techniques that have made me much more productive in my career and increased my top line revenues. But I most notice the impact the training has had in general – I am far less stressed while I get more done in every aspect of my life. It was one of the best business decisions I made this year.

Griffin Davis, Vice President – Market Hardware

I think this meeting will go down in history as one of the best ever for us! Our Attendees LOVED, LOVED, LOVED you!!

Shirley Robinson

Texas Hospital Trustees

I just wanted to say “thank you” for a fantastic presentation! I’ve attended many “time management” trainings and presentations in my career. Yours is the first one that makes sense.


Chicago, IL