An Organizational System That Actually Sticks

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I found something that actually works. I think one of the problems with time management and organizational systems is that it makes you feel bad about what you’re already doing. Instead of saying, “We all do this. This is just kind of how we function in the world. We could function better if we use these very implementable strategies.”

It just felt so doable. It didn’t take me long to go from really, really overwhelmed to “Alright, things are good here.”

I tried lots of different time management and organizational things over time, and they haven’t stuck because it didn’t fit me.

What I got, in particular, was a real system to take control over my email and all of the things that I need to pay attention to so that I am actually doing the work of paying attention to the things that are most important and not being distracted by all of the rest of the stuff that keeps flying in. 

And that is magic!

Honestly, I have never been able to sort of clear the decks before. This clears the decks. I really am able to concentrate and pay attention and be more present. I feel settled. I feel much more creative because my brain isn’t occupied by all of that. 

But it’s possible to open your email and not feel overwhelmed. It’s possible to look at a to-do list and not feel like “Oh my gosh, I can’t do any of this because there’s too much of it.”

I’m a Type A person. I like to be in control. And this really allows me to be in control and gives me some peace. I am sleeping better even, just because I don’t have all of this on my mind all of the time. 

It is fantastic!