More Empowered Productivity Speaking & Training Reviews

The feedback from your training has been very positive!! People have really embraced it and are finding it a huge help! Thanks again, your training was extremely beneficial! Gina Sandler, Kaiser Permanente

Maura’s work has facilitated one of the most transformative learning experiences I’ve ever had.
Monica Giannobile, Graduate Student, Purdue University

Maura is one of the best speakers I’ve experienced — very engaging, funny and provides great take-aways!                
Geraldine Flatt, Vice President of Human Resources and Retail Operations, Gloria Ferrer

Since your training, everything is going fantastic and I love, love, love, the tools you recommend!  I have been using the principles from the seminar and I have found so much more time in my day … thank you!!!  Dana Garaventa, Human Resources Manager, Opus One Winery, Oakville, CA

Thank you for your tremendous workshop last week. The “buzz” in the office is all about productivity in the days after the workshop, and I have heard nothing but great feedback! William Minter, Vice President, PinnacleART, Houston, TX

I have been following you for years and really appreciate your advice.  Switching my thinking from ‘time management’ to ‘attention management’ was a game-changer and I use that phrase all the time now.  Just wanted to send you a ‘thank you’ for your efforts and to let you know it has made a difference in my life.  Julia Harrod, President/CEO MWM Design Group, Austin, TX

Maura’s great presentation style makes the class as entertaining as it is educational.  Participants will leave with many new skills and feeling their time (and attention) was well spent.  Highly recommend!  Drew Bixby, Senior Director of Operations, DoubleHorn

I want to thank you so very much for having such a great seminar — this has changed my work and personal life for the better!  Lucy Mendoza, Crest Management

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Personal Productivity Secrets revolutionized my work life – more than any formal education or on-the-job-training I’ve ever received, YOUR book helped me learn how to be effective as a knowledge worker. I am a huge fan of your work, and I have recommended your books and site to dozens of colleagues. Michelle Latimer, Springfield, VA

I am LOVING using your System!  What a difference it makes to finally feel I am controlling my day instead of my day controlling me.  Rainee Busby, Fokal Fusion

Taking your training has made me realize how inefficient my prior work-life management “system” was! After just one day of utilizing your recommended tool and methodology, I already felt more in control and, as a result, slept better. I am excited about the long-term results of your program for myself and my team and I encourage others to take advantage of what you have to teach. Victoria Yeager, Head of Contracts and Compliance, Genentech, Inc.

I found Empowered Productivity training incredibly useful — I’m using what I learned in my business and my full-time job, and I’m already feeling much less stressed out! The value far exceeds the cost. Thank you for helping me to retrain my brain and free up my mind again! Cassi Munguia

I’m a past student of yours and I constantly revisit my notes from that awesome day of learning from you! Yours was by far the best productivity program I have ever experienced. Katie Chatfield, Health Coach

Ever since I took your training, not only have I been more organized and on-task, but I have also been sharing with others here. I am a huge believer—you have created a life-changing System! McKinsey Lowenberg, Senior Executive Assistant, CUNA Mutual Group, Madison, WI

Maura’s training was a game-changer for our organization! Ronda Rutledge, Executive Director, Sustainable Food Center, Austin, TX

Maura’s training is exactly what we needed at our company. We are a construction company that thrives on technology and has a strong open door policy culture. She provided us with real world solutions to enable our teams to function more effectively and efficiently! She kept the training light and easy to follow and we are now putting her system in place. I highly recommend her training to others! Thank you so much, Maura! Noelle Diebler, Controller, Winter Park Construction, Maitland, FL

I just wanted to say “thank you” for a fantastic presentation! I’ve attended many “time management” trainings and presentations in my career. Yours is the first one that makes sense. Alana, Chicago, IL

Maura was a wonderful presenter! I had her present to our sales for and it was incredibly well received. I believe this will improve our day to day productivity but also our work life balance overall. Denise Verdicchio, SHI International Corp, Somerset, NJ

I stuck with the System after the training—with great results! It’s been a huge help to me and I’m more productive in my work than before. Eric Jansson, Austin, TX

I was very impressed with your presentation. Overall it was excellent. It has changed my life and I am determined it will more so. My wife also is thankful. Jeff Davis, CFO, Presbyterian Senior Living

What I’ve recently learned from [Maura’s work] is that work-life balance is manageable without losing sleep or missing out. I use her techniques every day and strongly recommend them to you. Rebekah Sauceda, Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, TX

The techniques you’ve given us are extremely practical and easy to implement. You are so dialed in to what each of us experiences on a daily basis. Thank you for providing such an approachable system that anyone can do. Amy Solliday, Vice President, Field Store Operations, Old Navy

I’ve only been [using your System] for a few weeks but what a difference. It’s been a real Godsend! Rich, New Jersey

Maura’s seminar was easily the most inspiring and useful portion of our 3-day sales conference. I would recommend the seminar for young and old, working and non-working, etc. Useful for all. Steve Tomich, SHI International Corp, Austin, TX

This system is incredible! I can’t stop gushing about it to everyone I see! I’m better organized than ever before…Everything thus far has been awesome! Greg Wempe, BancVue, Austin, TX

Your sessions were absolutely wonderful, and they have definitely given me some momentum toward getting my life organized. I am excited to see various members of my sales team implementing your suggestions, and I have also been telling my friends & family about you. Alison Turner, SHI International Corp, Seattle, WA

Maura delivered an engaging presentation to help our Field Leaders learn new ways to control their attention. I have heard people buzzing about what they learned all afternoon! Sarah Erickson, Old Navy, Chicago, IL

Thank you for your training! I’ve been working to get the System in place these last few weeks and I feel as though it’s already paying dividends! Brad Bouchard, New England Controls, Boston, MA

I love your work. I use what I learned from your book…and I find my productivity has skyrocketed. Thank you! Christine Marsh, Rochester, NY

I was blown away by Maura’s productivity system, with its real-world practicality and outstanding tools. I religiously apply what I learned from Maura and cannot imagine a better way to organize my day. Craig McGee, Orion Engineered Carbons, Kingwood, TX

Maura, thank you. I am implementing your excellent advice on productively organizing my actions. I am getting more done and having fewer thoughts while driving in the car about what I forgot to remember. I also have fewer piles of papers on my coffee table (I was always afraid that they would get lost in the vertical files!), and fewer files for saving papers. Oh, and my 64 pages of inbox messages is now empty – much of that old email going to a file called ‘unprocessed old email,’ some filed, and some trashed! An empty inbox is a first for me. I have been processing incoming email for a week…My sweetheart wonders if I am the same person! This has been life changing information for me. Thank you again. Reader of Personal Productivity Secrets Linda Lindquist, Computer and Internet Help, Fort Myers, FL

I did find your session extremely valuable and it has absolutely changed the way I work. I am more organized and I am accomplishing a lot more day in and day out for myself, my team and the organization as a whole. I’ve made meetings more impactful, I’ve managed my emails better, I have been able to more effectively work through multiple projects simultaneously and still get normal day to day activities done. Thanks again! Sue Godfrey, CUNA Mutual Retirement Services, Madison, WI

Loved this segment! This was much needed for me at this point in time. Learning how to better organize my day and my inbox made me extremely happy! Conference Participant, SalonCentric, a division of L’Oreal, New York, NY

Excellent Presentation and understanding of common inefficiencies! Peter Grosskopf, Systems Management Planning, Rochester, NY

Thank you for the absolutely wonderful session you held for us this week. I had started to use some of the techniques from your book, and this session really made things click for me! Lori Bateman, CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc., Madison, WI

When I adopt the [Empowered Productivity] System fully, I get so much more done. It’s amazing! Training Participant, Austin, TX

Maura delivered a fantastic presentation. Her humor and enthusiasm kept us engaged and excited to learn all of her strategies for productivity. We left the training feeling inspired, enlightened and ready to take on the to-do lists that had previously overwhelmed us in both our personal and professional lives. It’s important to mention that Maura was also a pleasure to work with and eager to understand our business so that she could really connect on a deeper level to our employees. Thank you Maura! Ellie DeLuca, SalonCentric, division of L’Oreal, NY, NY

Maura’s book taught me about what the categorization of activities could mean in my life. I chose to implement many parts of her system and I immediately saw what effect this could have on my productivity…A full week using this system has provided me a way to organize my chaos into an actionable plan. Presentation Attendee, Rochester, NY

This class was amazing! Great insights and topics were extremely relevant to managing my day. Lance Sandlin, Dell, Austin, TX

I’m just getting started with your System, but I’m already seeing extremely practical benefits from just the little I’ve done! When someone needs something from me, “Voila!”I have the necessary information immediately accessible. You are a God send! Training Participant, San Antonio, TX

I wanted to say thank you. Your presentation was excellent and so are your ideas. Marty Ezzo, VP Cloud and Managed Services, SMP, Rochester, NY

LOVED this training! Maura is wonderful. She shared so many great tips and strategies…I couldn’t write fast enough. She has a fresh new way of looking at “the busy workday.” I was a little worried that it would be the same thing I’ve already read about and had trouble implementing, but the training was incredibly beneficial. Katie Chatfield

Excellent presentation! Can’t wait to finish the book and apply the methods. Conference Participant, SalonCentric, a division of L’Oreal

[This training} was really good. Maura did an excellent job and is a great presenter. It would be very useful information for a lot of people in our organization. Ryan Odneal, Account Manager, Delta Dental of Missouri

I have never considered myself a stranger to organization but I really, genuinely, have gained so much from Maura and her tactics. Presentation Attendee, Rochester, NY

I have to admit that attending this seminar was probably one of the best investments of time that I have had the privilege of participating in. Debbie Amelung, Advantica

Your talk was the highlight of the conference for me! Patricia McCormack, Director, Boston RSVP

This was fantastic! I really hope to be able to apply Maura’s suggestions to my daily routines. Conference Participant, SalonCentric, a division of L’Oreal

Your message was spot on and the information was eye-opening. I’ve heard nothing but praise from the attendees. And I can’t say that I’ve ever witnessed a more “professional” presentation. Phil Condra, University of Texas System

You taught me how to choose what I do with my time, instead of being constantly reactive. Soooooo liberating! Thank you! Ken Kuznia, Point Blank Recruiting

This was a spectacular presentation — very applicable and informative, and delivered in a fun, energetic manner. Conference Participant, SalonCentric, a division of L’Oreal

I cleaned up my inbox, and honestly HAVE seen a reduction in stress level during my day. Presentation Attendee, Rochester, NY

We have had a LOT of speakers over the years, and you were definitely among the best! Amy Vercruysse, Austin Independent Business Alliance

I think this meeting will go down in history as one of the best ever for us! Our Attendees LOVED, LOVED, LOVED you!! Shirley Robinson, Texas Hospital Trustees

Wish we had more “time” for this piece! Conference Participant, SalonCentric, a division of L’Oreal

Maura is inspiring, informative, fantastic! Presentation Attendee, St. Louis, MO

Thanks so much, Maura. Your sessions were the best of the entire two-day conference! Attendee, St. Louis, MO

Loved!! This will be very useful and can’t wait to read the book. Thank you! Conference Participant, SalonCentric, a division of L’Oreal

Super amazing! Helpful and useful take-aways. I go to a lot of conferences and this is one of the best workshops I have ever been to! Conference Participant, Austin, TX

Very empowering! I learned so many ways to work smarter! Loved it! Attendee, Texas Healthcare Trustees Conference, Frisco, TX

Thanks so much, Maura. Your sessions were the best of the entire two-day conference! Attendee, St. Louis, MO

I greatly appreciate your book. It has changed my world. As a busy medical professional, wife, and mom of 2 who was recently diagnosed with ADD, this has been a lifesaver! Reader of Personal Productivity Secrets

Maura was great. Excellent speaker. Excellent content. Tangible tips. Can take this back immediately and apply it…I’m convinced strategies and tools will help my productivity. Conference Participant, Austin, TX

I love the new system [we learned in the training from]. It’s a relief to go home at the end of the day and know that everything I need to do is scheduled in my task list, and best of all, not everything is due tomorrow! I’m a very organized person by nature, but I could never get a handle on my work life. I just always felt overwhelmingly behind. Now I feel more in control and more confident about managing my workload. The other great thing about the training is that it made the whole staff cognizant of how we use email, and the quantity of staff email dropped off considerably right away. So, thanks again for this important and relevant work you’re doing. It’s changed everything at work (and some things at home!). Debi Vanwey

Thanks for changing my life in very positive ways. Your information has proven to be valuable for me. I’ve cleaned the clutter of “notes” from my life, and now everything is organized and I get reminders at the appropriate times. BIG difference! I’m actually getting more done, and feel more in control. thanks for everything. Charlie Hawkins, Chair and Partner, Vistage International, Albuquerque, NM

Maura’s training session was so eye-opening for me! It’s very applicable to all aspects of my life and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to attend. I highly recommend this session for absolutely anyone in any business. Amber Scarborough, Owner, A Flower Basket

Great presentation. Very informative! Conference Participant, Las Vegas, NV

I would really like to thank you for a great class! I am using all of your advice and the book is so helpful! Best of all, everything is really starting to work!
Ernestine Lammers, Founder, Kanti Goods

Regain Your Time training helped us achieve a level of productivity that has generated profit from process. Not only did we redefine our business operations, I personally regained lost hours in my day. Anxiety has been replaced with a cooler. more strategically-focused business owner. The value that this training provides isn’t measured in dollars but in peace of mind.
Christopher Justice, CEO, Sparksight

Thank you for your seminar! Everything has been going well and I am on my way to being in control of my productivity!
Marisa Levans, GENaustin

Maura was absolutely wonderful!! Best time management presentation I have ever attended (and I’ve attended many!). She was engaging, entertaining, made data she presented usable. Conference Participant, Austin, TX

Great presentation. I appreciated the fresh approach to this age-old dilemma that is complicated by our technology. I plan to purchase the book! Conference Participant, Las Vegas, NV

I highly recommend Maura’s presentation. We found it to be a new and useful perspective on not just “time management,” but more importantly, “productivity.” She also impressed us (even the more experienced technophiles) with her insights on technology.
Allen Hauge, Group Chair, Vistage International

“Regain Your Time!TM Training was single-handedly the best company training we did last year. Since this class, we have seen an amazing amount of change in our employees, in ourselves and in the total amount of time needed to manage our company’s day-to-day operations.”
Kevin O’Brien, President,

This speaker was my favorite of the whole session! Conference Participant, Las Vegas, NV

To say Regain Your Time training was well worth the time would be a terrible understatement. My team got a great deal out of it. It will change the way you operate, make you more efficient, and really help you find the time to focus on the important projects in your life.
Alvidas Jasin, Chief Marketing Officer, Thompson Hine

I just wanted to say thanks. You have helped me to regain my time. It’s actually strange I now find myself with time on my hands. The stress of running two companies has almost disappeared. I whole-heartedly recommend everyone take advantage of your services.
John Bellamy, Owner, Rapid Refill

Thank you! You brought light to my world. I hope that you continue to work with us. Everyone is talking about your training. Thank you. Thank you.
Dennise Jackson, Texas CASA

I would recommend Regain Your Time!TM Training to anyone in any field who has struggled with organization, and we know who we are. It has nothing with how much you get done, because I successfully juggled a lot. But it has to do with a comfort level of feeling things are in their places. I felt our trainer delivered on her commitment of time and energy, helping me to change my behavior with very useful, specific recommendations and encouragement.
Caren Upshaw, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty

One of your best speakers. We will be hiring her to present to our staff. Conference Participant, Las Vegas, NV

Regain Your Time Training was by far the best investment I’ve made in myself and my business this year. I can now hold off on hiring an assistant, and I’ve still been able to grow my business since taking the program. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
Penley McQueen – Keller Williams Real Estate

Within 30 minutes of training with, my eyes were opened to how much time, effort, and money I have been wasting doing everything “my way” and not using any kind of organizational system. For years, I have been relying on word associations, writing little notes to myself, even putting rubber bands on my fingers, to remember meetings, actions items, or projects. My office filing system was basically a hodge-podge of what I needed most at the time, and things were hard to find, hard to keep up with, and were sometimes forgotten or lost. Maura showed me how to use my Outlook and my Palm Pilot (which I had been using as a doorstop) to keep track of action items and projects, and to organize my entire calendar, task list, and contacts. Four different contacts books have now been organized into one easy-to-use electronic database that I can either print out or use only electronically, whichever suits me best at the time. Plastic calendars have come down off the walls in favor of an easy electronic system that’s right there in front of me. I never knew how easy it was to use these tools until this training. I would strongly recommend Regain Your Time!TM Training to anyone in business. Whether you are a manager, assistant, executive, or entrepreneur, the Empowered Productivity SystemTM that you’ll be taught can save time, money, and headaches. I cannot recommend this program more highly. It has saved me thousands of dollars already, and the training pays for itself many times over.
Phil Carmical, Publisher – Gulf Publishing Company

Until you’ve gone through Regain Your Time! Training, you can’t truly appreciate the benefit of “Clearing Your Mind.” I don’t spend any more time each day wondering what I was neglecting to do or worried that I had forgotten to call someone. I’m organized, efficient and clean. I’m confident that if these techniques can work for me, they can benefit anyone! The opportunity cost of not using is much greater than anything you will pay them.
Jonathan Davis, Principal – American Workforce

Maura is smart, enjoyable to be around, and knowledgeable. She has developed an excellent system (the Empowered Productivity SystemTM)to help her clients (including me) to be more productive and organized. Combined with her other skills, she brings an unusual value to each client and engagement.
Steven List, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Very engaging speaker. Very well presented. Conference Participant, Las Vegas, NV

Excellent presenter, very engaging, great vocal variety, great energy and use of examples, provided concrete tools and resources. Phenomenal presentation. Conference Participant, Austin, TX

Regain Your Time!TM has to be one of the best things I have ever done. I realize now that I have been weighed down…I never would have believed [that this] would have such an effect on me in so many ways. I feel relieved, relaxed, comfortable with what I have on my plate, capable of handling more, decompressed, clear, of sound mind, and unafraid of the tasks that until just recently burdened me. I could add more, but I’ll just say that I realize that the training is worth more than I paid. I’m glad you don’t charge what it’s worth!
Mike Cornett – I Consortium

This was a great perspective on time management. I will be discussing with my department and utilizing what I learned. Conference Participant, Las Vegas, NV

Regain Your Time training taught me techniques that have made me much more productive in my career and increased my top line revenues. But I most notice the impact the training has had in general – I am far less stressed while I get more done in every aspect of my life. It was one of the best business decisions I made this year.
Griffin Davis, Vice President – Market Hardware