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Employee Productivity Case Study: Training ROI

A case study on how Maura Nevel Thomas' training increases employee productivity.
Any time you invest in workshops, classes or other programs for your team, you want to know whether the training ROI will be worth it. That’s why I’m excited to share the experiences of Lindsay*, an executive assistant with a large insurance provider. Lindsay recently wrote to tell me about how my Empowered Productivity Training (watch a preview below) has streamlined the way she works. And as she spreads the word about what she learned, the training has an even bigger ripple effect on employee productivity at her company.

Why is Lindsay so fired up about what the Empowered Productivity System can do? She explains more in this interview.

Goodbye, Paper To-Do List (and Wasted Time)

Lindsay admits that she was a little skeptical about whether my training would benefit her. She already prided herself on her organization skills. But it didn’t take her long to see the potential of the Empowered Productivity System.

“I was getting really excited,” she says. “It was opening up a whole new world of organization to me.”

The training, Lindsay says, made her realize ways she was working inefficiently. For example, she used to write her to-do list on paper — and then have to rewrite it every week. That’s time that she has back in her schedule now that she learned how to  manage her tasks electronically. It’s also easier to get a sense of her priorities. And she likes adding background details and context to her tasks. That’s something she couldn’t do with a paper list.

“It’s all in one place,” she says. “It’s all organized in a fashion that prevents me from  wasting time.”

Executives See the Training ROI

As an EA, Lindsay passes along the benefits of the Empowered Productivity System to the executives she supports.

“If it’s helping you this much,” she remembers one executive telling her, “I want to try it.”

The system is a powerful tool for executives because it helps them keep their focus on their most important, strategic work, Lindsay says.

When Lindsay talked with a company leader in another department (who hadn’t been through my training) about the system, that executive had everyone on her team read my book “Personal Productivity Secrets.” That team held group discussions about the book. They invited Lindsey to one session to help them set up their own systems. They’ve gotten great results, too, Lindsay reports. And, like her, they tout the Empowered Productivity System to others.

The ‘Magical’ System Spreads

Beyond the executive she supports, Lindsay will also speak up about the Empowered Productivity System whenever she hears others in her office bemoaning their lack of organization or complaining that they’re overwhelmed by email.

“It is funny how I keep having people pop up to my desk,” saying they’ve heard about the “magical” system, Lindsay says.

But there really is something almost magical happening with employee productivity as more people embrace the system. Think back on what a big win it was for Lindsay to save time by ditching her paper to-do list. Now, she says, think about the cumulative effect as more employees have their own wins like hers. It means more time freed up for important work, a more energized company culture and less burnout.

“It helps the company on a larger scale operate more efficiently and successfully,” she says. “It’s saving time and energy that can be used on more productive activities.”

What RYT Training Delivers

So what can you expect to take away from a Regain Your Time training session? And if you’re considering the training for your team, what changes can you expect to see in employee productivity?

Lindsay has a long list of ways that she and other colleagues she’s shared the system with have benefited:

  • A greater sense of control over work.
  • More time freed up for important work.
  • Less overwhelm.
  • Awareness of how multitasking and task-switching hurt productivity.
  • More focus and more time in “flow” state.
  • Better email management.
  • Improved workflows.
  • Fewer errors.
  • A more positive and happy office environment.
  • Less burnout.

Thanks so much to Lindsay for sharing her story and spreading the word about Empowered Productivity to her colleagues! If you’ve used Regain Your Time training or the “Personal Productivity Secrets” book to improve the way you work, please get in touch. I’d love to hear about your training ROI, too!

* Name changed to protect privacy


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