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If you’ve been to this site before, or you’ve heard me speak, you probably know that I believe that the secret to not only being more productive, but to living the life you want, comes down to the ability to control your attention.  It’s a big problem, because first you have to consider all of the external demands on your attention, like your computer, phones, instant messages, text messages, Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook communications, snail mail, email, Skype, co-workers, family, and on and on.  But at least those are outside your head.  The real problem is that you are probably the person who interrupts yourself the most!

Consider that your brain is not obedient.  It does not behave exactly the way you would like it to, all the time.  If you’re a busy person with a full life, then your brain is probably constantly spinning with:

  • curiosity and unanswered questions
  • thrill seeking/socializing/”what am I missing” syndrome
  • incomplete tasks
  • commitments and responsibilities
  • uncaptured ideas you’d like to remember
  • all the things you aren’t doing right now.

What you need is a process that can help you handle all of this.  You need a way to capture everything, a place to put it, and a method for retrieving it, exactly when you need it.  This is how to not only control your attention, but to control your life, and this is exactly what I’ll be teaching in my public seminar coming up soon in Austin, TX.

This 90-day program will teach you what you need to know to regain control over all the details of your life, including commitments, communication, and information.  Once you’ve learned how to get a handle on all of these details, your brain will quiet, and your ability to focus will be enhanced.  You’ll be supporting your own attention rather than sabotaging it.  You’ll learn the Empowered Productivity System and you’ll leave the seminar confident and motivated that you are back in the driver’s seat.

If you’re feeling a little”too” busy, a little overwhelmed, like things are starting to slip, then check out the seminar.  You won’t regret it.  It’s a great time to be in Austin, but if you can’t make it, or you’d like to share these ideas with your team, let’s talk.

Thanks for reading!