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Admittedly, I am an Apple fan. I love my MacBook Pro, and I am anxiously awaiting the next version of the iPad. And I’ve written many times about all the ways I use and love my iPhone.

But really, I can’t believe that Apple got something so basic so very wrong. I’ve written about how personal productivity is a weakness in the Mac platform, and if it were just “weak,” I could live with it. But how can there be NO native task support in the iPhone? And really, the task list in iCal is nothing more than an afterthought. Seriously, Apple? Don’t you know that your customers have very busy lives? We’ve got details to manage, for goodness sake! Could you please, please recognize this already, and give us some meaty, comprehensive task manager in the next OS update? Preferably something that integrates well with Mail, and syncs with iPhone? Aren’t you sick of Outlook kicking your butt? Don’t you realize there is a very lucrative segment of your customers spending money on all kinds of other solutions to fill the gaping hole you’ve left?

I’ve had to work hard to find a solution to this problem so that I could train my Mac customers on my Empowered Productivity System. And because none of the solutions are native to OSX, I have to change this solution every so often. This article from MacWorld has a nice summary of the best solutions available to sync from tasks in iCal to iPhone. I was using ToDo and Appigo Sync as they describe them, and suddenly it stopped working. I lost some tasks, and it became untrustworthy. That’s a deal-breaker. So recently I have moved to another product the article mentions, 2Do by Guided Ways Technologies. So far so good. The problem I think that both of these have is an inability to sync seamlessly from desktop to iPhone to iPad because, big surprise: tasks don’t sync up to MobileMe!  Really, Apple? I’m so disappointed.  Having to go outside the three programs I already need to run my life (iCal, Mail, Address Book) is just really inefficient.

I’ll tell you what. I’m happy to help you solve this problem in your next update. Lend me a programmer and we’ll take care of the rest. Are you listening, Steve? Steve?