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Now that Verizon customers can use an iPhone, should you get one?  I get asked all the time for advice about which handheld device to purchase.  Frankly, they are becoming more and more alike and much of it now comes down to personal preference.  You need to consider that they are more like a handheld computer that makes phone calls, than they are like a cell phone (assuming you are in the market for a smartphone).

I think the three most important questions to ask yourself before a smartphone purchase are:
1. What do I want to use my handheld device for?
2. Which platform (Google, Windows, Mac) do I currently use the most, and do I plan to continue in this direction?
3. How tech savvy am I?

Number 1 is relevant because if you only want to use it to make calls, then any smartphone will be overkill.  If you need a device that allows you to access the internet, from which you can sync your calendar and contacts, and perhaps have other conveniences, like driving directions and an mp3 player, then a smartphone is the best choice.

Here’s why number 2 is important to consider: If you are a big fan of Google, and you use Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, Voice, etc., then an Android phone might be the best fit for you.  If you’re a heavy Microsoft user, favoring Live and Sharepoint for collaborating, and running your life via Outlook, then a Windows Mobile device might be your best option.

Having noted both of those things, I must admit to being a huge fan of the iPhone.  It’s true that it’s easiest to use iPhone if you are an Apple user anyway, but really the iPhone does integrate pretty well with other platforms.

Number 3 is relevant because for example, if you are mostly a Windows user, there will be a bit of an adjustment, and some “tweaking” necessary to get an iPhone to sync with your Windows applications.

In the event that you do choose an iPhone, you might be interested in two articles I’ve written about my favorite apps, here and here.

If you’re still confused about which device is right for you, I invite you to call or email me.  Advice is always free and I would be happy to discuss it with you.

Thanks for reading!