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With the holidays approaching, I’d like to say how grateful I am to all the people who support me, and for all of you who have taken an interest in my work.  

As you know, I believe attention management is the solution to our crazy, harried lives. It’s the way we can regain our peace of mind and bring our unique gifts to the world in a way that inspires and motivates us, instead of exhausting and overwhelming us.  

I’m excited that there continues to be quite a bit of media interest in my work with attention management and productivity, and there have been some interesting conversations and unique ideas shared, including two of my favorite podcasts that always have really useful information. I have been a fan of each and I was honored to be a guest. I didn’t want you to miss them.  


How to Make Deliberate Choices

I had a really fun conversation with Gib Gerard on John Tesh’s Intelligence for Your Life podcast. He is funny! And we discussed becoming empowered over our attention and making deliberate choices that serve us. Listen in to find out about his “a-ha moment.”  And if you work in an open office, I shared some techniques with him to help you focus and improve your productivity.


Productivity Tips for Parents and Kids

In the Austin American-Statesman, I was featured in an article titled, “Want More Time?” In this article, I delve into topics that can help parents and their kids be more productive, and these tips can work for anyone.  For example, do you realize how often you interrupt yourself? Technology is a big culprit here, but we can learn to “tame” it.


Managing the Productivity Paradox

In the Go-Giver Podcast with Bob Burg, I talk about the Productivity Paradox, and how to manage it.  If you’ve ever been caught up in this situation (or just want to know what it is!) click here to listen in.  Did you know that modern technology is designed to be habit-forming? I suggest tips on how to break the habit, and support, rather than sabotage, your productivity.  I also talk about the four quadrants of attention management, and how you can use this information to “unleash your genius.”


How Remote Workers Can Increase Productivity

I recently wrote an article for the “Remote Leadership Institute” regarding ways to help remote workers be more productive.  If you are a remote worker, or manage remote workers, click here to find out how knowledge workers who work remotely can increase their productivity. I mention some quick ideas to help these employees learn how to manage their attention, avoid common distractions, and get more done.  I also discuss the dangers of an “always-on” mentality for those who work flexible hours.

Consider adding this blog to your reading list. It’s a wealth of information for remote workers and those who manage remote teams. 


During this busy season especially, please take advantage of all the resources on my site to:

  • Help you have more time to do the things you want to do, rather than just things you have to do,
  • Be more present at your job, so you can be more productive and have more balance,
  • Be more present during your off-work time, so you can enjoy family and friends, and all the fun the season has to offer. 

You can learn to control your attention, regain your time, and live a life of choice, rather than a life of reaction and distraction, and I’m here to help!