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Empowered Productivity™

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What is Empowered Productivity?

Empowered Productivity is Maura Thomas’ proprietary workflow management system that puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life and work.

If you or members of your team are like millions of Americans who are totally stressed by constant distractions, endless to do lists, and an overflowing inbox, then you must learn about attention management and The Empowered Productivity™ System.

Empowered Productivity™ offers a more relevant approach than traditional time management. It’s foundational principle is that attention management is the new path to productivity.

It is a critical business skill that is not taught in school. The Empowered Productivity System offers a workflow methodology that is based in continuous improvement principles, which teaches how to regain control over the details of life and work, and how to apply this same methodology to productivity software and tools in order to achieve greater results.



Components of Empowered Productivity


Attention Management: If you often feel like you are exhausted at the end of another busy day, but also like you didn’t get enough of the important stuff done, it’s probably because you’re spending too much time being reactive, and not enough time being proactive. Learning attention management will help you master distraction and put you back in the driver’s seat.


Action Management: If you manage your work through some combination of often-broken appointments with yourself, sticky notes, flagged emails, paper notebooks, and one or more apps or software programs, this module will help you work smarter, lower your stress, and empower you to keep the big picture firmly in view so you can prioritize and track your work appropriately.


Communication Management: If you feel like you can never get out from under “communication debt,” this module provides the information you need to tame your inboxes and get back in control. Meeting Management is also an option to include in this module, including effective planning and execution of meetings, getting results from meetings, and holding people accountable, including managing “up” and across teams.


Burnout Management: Burnout is not a problem to avoid in the future, it’s a current challenge to deal with now. Studies show burnout symptoms are 3x higher since the start of the pandemic. This module covers work-life balance, what it means, and how to achieve it. Plus how to reverse the trend toward burnout and help your team members love their work again.


Behavior Change Management: If you’ve tried to make improvements to your productivity (or to adopt any new habits) before, but weren’t successful, this is the module that unlocks the ways to make changes stick.


Culture Change Management: If the environment at your organization and the behavior of leaders contributes to any of the problems above (it does!), this session for leaders will provide the blueprint for course correction.

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Maura Thomas has seen in Havard Business Review, Fast Company, The Wall Steet Journal

What does it mean for you and your team to be “Empowered” over your productivity?

You understand the benefits of “Attention Management” over “Time Management”
You can efficiently handle all manner of commitments, communication, and information
You have bridged the gap between behavior and technology, so that you can make the best use of the software and electronic tools you have available
be proactive
You spend as little time as possible being reactive, and as much time as possible being proactive
You know the best use of your time at any moment, and are therefore able to take immediate and appropriate action
meet your goals
You make consistent progress on your significant results, whether they are goals for today, this month, this year, or this lifetime.
Maura Thomas created The Empowered Productivity™ System by taking proven productivity techniques and combining these with emerging ideas and research related to attention, distraction, neuroscience, technology development, and behavior change, and assembling it all into a comprehensive, methodical approach to solving the problems facing knowledge workers today, including:
Competing and ever-changing priorities
Fast-paced, multitasking environments
Too many meetings
Increasing stress and burnout
Important work getting squeezed out
Lives out of balance, with little time for family, health, hobbies, and other aspects necessary for wellness, happiness, and peak productivity
Maura Thomas speaking at TEDx Red River

Taking your training has made me realize how inefficient my prior work-life management “system” was! After just one day of utilizing your recommended tool and methodology, I already felt more in control and, as a result, slept better. I am excited about the long-term results of your program for myself and my team and I encourage others to take advantage of what you have to teach.

Victoria Yeager

Head of Contracts and Compliance, Genentech, Inc.

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Attention Management™ is the new path to productivity

Attention management represents a big break from past ideas about how to be more efficient and increase productivity. It is based on the way we work today.

Empowered Productivity™ works!

From corporations to non-profits to individuals, read in-depth stories of how both teams and leaders applied the Empowered Productivity system.

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Empowered Productivity delivers real-world, bottom-line results across business types and industries. Get the details directly from our clients.

“I’ve gotta say…I was a little bit skeptical when you said that companies see a, I forget the number, a 30% efficiency gain. I was like ‘Yeah, sure, whatever. Everybody says that kind of stuff.’ But now I’m a believer.”

Daniel Hofmann, CEO and Vistage member, IMED Pharma
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