Introducing “Mindful Marks!”

Mindful Marks by Maura Thomas

This is a product that I have become so excited about because of the beautiful alignment with attention management.

Mindful Marks are tangible reminders of your intentions for a specific period of time.

A key to attention management is explained in my “4 Quadrants” model, which helps you learn the ability to recognize what brain state you’re in, evaluate if it’s serving you in that moment, and switch to a more productive state if necessary.

This “brain state awareness” is a new behavior for most people, and a key to changing behaviors is to attach it to a cue.

Mindful Marks are a great tool to support this new attention management behavior.

Wearing one offers this visual cue that you attach to this new behavior by setting your intention when you apply it.

How to apply Mindful Marks part 1
How to apply Mindful Marks part 2
How to apply Mindful Marks part 3

If my latest book or any of my other work in attention management as the new path to productivity have interested you in getting started, Mindful Marks are a great tool to support your journey.*

I’ve collaborated with the team at Lumenkind to make a special “Attention Management Pack” of Mindful Marks.

Mindful Marks detail pack
Mindful Marks back of package
Mindful Marks back of package

*Mindful Marks are considered “water transfer” decal-type temporary tattoos, are made in the United States with ingredients that have been approved for cosmetic use by the FDA. They are non-toxic, typically last approximately 3 days, and can be removed immediately with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. See Mindful Marks FAQs for more information.