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Productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas recommends mindfulness app Buddhify

The mindfulness app Buddhify makes it easy to start meditating.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Buddhify, my favorite mindfulness app.

Maybe you’re thinking, “What does mindfulness have to do with productivity?” As it turns out, there’s a strong link between the two.

Research shows us the power of mindfulness to change how we work. The benefits of mindfulness meditation practices include improved decision-making, relationships and creativity.

Starting a meditation practice, though, can still seem a little intimidating, even when we know the benefits of meditation. You might be wondering how you could find the time, or even a quiet place to meditate.

That’s where Buddhify comes in. Well-designed and easy to use, Buddhify is a mindfulness app that lets you choose among meditations tailored to how much time you have and what you’re doing.

The meditations on the app range from two minutes to almost a half hour, so they’re easy to squeeze into any spare pockets of time that open up during your day.

Buddhify mindfulness app - recommended by productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas

Screenshot from the Buddhify mindfulness app

You can also choose a meditation based on what you need in any particular moment, whether that’s motivation or relaxation. And you can use Buddhify anywhere. Some meditations are designed to be used while “Walking in the City,” for example, while others are for “Being Online.”

Buddhify uses your everyday activities to help build mindfulness. Take this excerpt from “Connect,” one of the meditations designed to be used while you’re online:

… noticing how we’re looking at the screen. Noticing what our attention is drawn to, and bringing some gentle interest to that. You may be in a room with lots of other people, or you might be by yourself. Either way, while still sitting here looking at the screen, open your awareness out wide to get a sense of the space you’re in.

The Stats feature of Buddhify lets you track how often you meditate and any changes to your mindfulness, concentration and feelings of balance. You should soon notice that adding more moments of stillness to your day – whether through using a mindfulness app, taking a few deep breaths or even squeezing in a catnap – helps you feel calmer, more energized and less distracted.

You can sample a Buddhify meditation on Soundcloud. If you like what you hear, this mindfulness app is $4.99 for iOS devices and $2.99 in the Google Play store.