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We had a big party in Austin last week to celebrate the successful launch of my first book, Personal Productivity Secrets. It was so much fun and I have many people to thank! It was held in the gallery of the beautiful Chez Zee restaurant, and I’d like to offer a special thanks to Johanna, Sharon, and all the staff for helping to make the night magical! We had delicious appetizers and the featured drink of the evening was a “Prickly Pear Productivity Margarita!” A huge “THANK YOU” to all the people who came and made the evening so wonderful and an event I will never forget!

There are three places you can see the awesome pictures: on the book website, on my Facebook page, and on the photographer’s site.  A BIG thank you to Steven List of Steven List Photography for taking such awesome shots and capturing all the fun we had!

In addition to fun, all of the proceeds from book sales at the party went to support GENaustin, the Girls Empowerment Network, a Texas non-profit dedicated to supporting and guiding girls to make wise decisions as they navigate the unique pressures of girlhood. Together we raised almost $300, and one of the ways the money might help is to support the new 180 Program, which reaches many girls after a first offense and helps them get back on track, preventing them from entering or re-entering the juvenile justice system.

I also have to thank my mom and my friends from the Burget Ave crew who came in all the way from Boston to join in the fun, and all the gifts and well wishes from those who couldn’t be there in person. Just the latest in a lifetime of milestones we’ve marked together. I love you all!

Thanks to the world’s best husband and the love of my life, Shawn Thomas, another talented photographer who also would have taken a slew of beautiful pictures but was too busy socializing with all the great people who came!

I also need to thank all of the people who have helped to make the book a success (did I mention it’s now in it’s second print run?!) including my team at Wiley, and the fantastic women behind Momentum Public Relations and Better Way to Say It.

Lastly, I could never fully express the extent of my gratitude to all the people who have told me that my Empowered Productivity System has changed their lives, and how the book is truly helping them to achieve their significant results. See what people are saying on the book’s praise page and in Amazon reviews.

Just because the party’s over, doesn’t mean the festivities are ending!  I’m in the middle of a radio tour (check back in a few days for more details on that), I have a presentation and signing coming up at BookPeople in Austin on July 25th, and I’m traveling all over the country for speaking and training engagements. Be sure to subscribe to receive my tips by email to get not only useful, practical tips to save you time and make the most of your technology, but also to be in the loop about great things happening that I think you will find interesting. Thanks for reading!!

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