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People are often looking to find new technologies to help them organize and keep track of expenses.  I’ve come across several money apps that I find to be very helpful.

money appsOne of the easiest ways I’ve found to keep track of expenses is an app called Expensify.  Record expenses with minimal fuss, snap a picture of the receipt, and then automatically create an expense report with one click.  It’s a money app that’s available for all smartphone platforms.

If you need to track your mileage for business or tax purposes, my accountant turned me on to Milebug.  It creates mileage reports for you with the push of a button.

If you are a Mac user and looking for a money app to track your personal financial data, it couldn’t be easier than with Banktivity on your computer, combined with the companion app for your smartphone.  These make keeping track of expenses fast and portable.

I read some data that less than half of Americans track their personal spending. If you are one of them, it might be time to reconsider that and choose one of the many money apps available. There are many benefits to tracking your finances. You’ve probably seen me discuss how stress decreases productivity—well guess what is a big cause of stress? You guessed it, money. Tracking your finances can help you save, get out of debt, and even improve your relationship (because money is near the top of the list of what couples fight about).

It’s true that I love Banktivity, but there are many others that make it easy to get started, like Mint (by Intuit) and Simple (which is actually a whole bank (Compass), not just an app.)

Do you have a favorite money app?  If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.  Thanks for reading!