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Since I wrote this post, I’ve gotten an overwhelming response from people who said they found it helpful. And now that I’ve had my iPhone for even longer, and upgraded more than once, I use it even more than I did before. And if you read that post, you know it was a lot then. I thought I’d share some of the new things I’ve learned.

First, let me just mention how handy the camera is, especially combined with email, and now text (AT&T finally supports images & video in text messages). My husband and I have been doing a lot of decorating lately, and it’s come in so handy for shopping. We were looking for some furniture & accessories, but it’s hard to visualize how things will look inside the house. I’ve snapped pictures of furniture in different stores, so not only could I compare pieces, but I could bring them home, hold up the picture in the spot, and visualize how the piece will fit in.  I took a picture of the wall color so that I could get curtains & a pillow that would complement it. While shopping at the store I hold up the picture to check the colors together. I snap a shot of something & email it to my husband to make sure he likes it before I buy it. SO handy.

I’ve also discovered several apps that facilitate meditation & deep sleep which are great to help me relax and I use them at various times, like after a difficult phone call, before an afternoon powernap, and often while drifting off to sleep at night.

If you travel at all, you’ll want to check out Tripit and Packing. Each has proven to be invaluable to me both getting ready for trips and to access useful information while I’m on my trip, so now I use my iPhone even more when I travel.

I could go on and on here, so I’ll just briefly mention a few more of my favorites:

YelpAround Me help me find great local businesses (& my favorite chain stores) when I’m out of my neighborhood.

Snooth (or Beer Brands) helps me pick a good wine (or beer) at dinner or to bring to a party.

Stanza is my favorite eBook & PDF reader for my iPhone – I find a Kindle unnecessary thanks to Stanza (incidentally, Stanza by Lexcycle is the brainchild of former Austinite Neelan Choksi, and was acquired this year by Amazon).

FaceBookLinkedIn have iPhone versions that let me quickly check in with my social media connections.

PandoraSlacker let me listen to commercial free music in my choice of genre at any time.

Pret-a-Yoga allows me to get a yoga workout even when I can’t attend a class. I’m also considering buying my yoga teacher’s DVD and loading that on my iPhone.

Bump helps me easily share contact information & files with other iPhone users.

What’s YOUR favorite, use-it-every-day, can’t-live-without-it iPhone app?  I’d love to hear it!  Thanks for reading!