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On two separate days in the past month, I was really excited to do 22 radio interviews all over the country. I’ll have a sample up soon, but one of my favorites was with Lisa Davis on It’s Your Health radio. We had a great time on her show and I look forward to another visit, which we are working on scheduling. She asked some thoughtful questions after having read my new book, and we had a fantastic conversation.

Lisa’s show airs in at least seven cities but you can also listen to the archives on her site. I recommend you check her out, she offers some great content. To listen to my interview with Lisa, click here. The interview is just under 12 minutes long.

I was also on another fantastic show called The Experience Pros with Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer. They’re on in at least four cities but their shows are also available on podcast for free here. I love their format and content and I highly recommend you check it out. The show I was on is June 12th, 2012, called “NonProfit, Marketing, Cook Naked, Productivity” (sounds interesting, doesn’t it?! 😉

I’m so happy to have been introduced to such great content, and I’m now a fan of both of these excellent shows!

During my interviews, we discussed multitasking, the importance of productivity, achieving your significant results, focus and distraction, time management versus attention management, intermittent reinforcement, ADD versus ADT, working on the wrong to-do list, clearing the mental clutter, my favorite apps for increasing productivity, and controlling your email, among other things.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know if you heard me on any of the other stations recently!