Empowered Productivity FAQs for Groups and Teams

Empowered Productivity Training for Groups and Teams

It’s a challenge for your staff to manage all the details of their life and work.  A calendar and a to-do list, even the electronic versions, just don’t cut it anymore.  They need a logical process that matches the pace and complexity of their life.  They need EmpoweredTM Productivity.  Help them get back in the driver’s seat, and regain CONTROL over their time, their attention, and their life!

Empowered ProductivityTM means turning chaos into control

Is Empowered ProductivityTM Training
right for you and your team?


What will we learn?

How Long Will it Take?  When Can We Start?

How Do I Know it Will Be What We Need?

Will it Work?  Is it Worth It?

Why Choose RegainYourTime.com?

What’s the First Step?

What will I learn?
You’ll learn a proven System to help you gain control over the details of your life and work including:

  • attention,
  • email,
  • to-do lists,
  • projects,
  • communication,
  • paper (documents, business cards, receipts, invoices, mail, etc.)
  • apps, software, and handheld devices
  • other details necessary to keep your world running smoothly.

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How Long Will it Take?  When Can We Start?
You and/or your team can learn everything you need to know in just a day or two, plus follow-up programs to assist with implementation and maintenance in the future.   We can schedule training at your location as soon as you need it.

How Do I Know it Will Be What We Need?
Your trainer will spend time discussing your situation with you, and then she’ll customize your content to address your specific needs.  Chief Trainer Maura Thomas is a subject matter expert, who continually updates and refines the Empowered Productivity System for effectiveness in real world application.

Will it Work?  Is it Worth It?
The Empowered ProductivityTM System is a “Kaizen” or continuous improvement model that produces proven results when implemented, and RegainYourTime.com training programs all include detailed instruction for implementation, plus a 30 or 90-day follow-up program to further improve the odds of long-term success. Retention rate of the material is typically very high on average, and your trainer is always available to answer questions in the future.  The return on investment in this training pays dividends for years and the per-employee cost is very competitive.  Maura Thomas, Chief Trainer at RegainYourTime.com, stands out because she is an experienced trainer, not just a “do-er,” so she knows how to explain the information in a way that’s easily understood.

Why Choose RegainYourTime.com?
Maura Thomas, Chief Trainer, has been in the productivity training industry for more than 20 years.  In that time she has worked with solopreneurs and Fortune 500 companies and every size in between, in virtually every industry.  This Austin, TX-based business was founded in 2003 and Maura is very active in the local community.  The Empowered Productivity System is proprietary, proven, and developed from extensive industry experience.  References are gladly provided.  Also feel free to peruse our “Success Stories” page.  This method has been so successful that publishing giant John Wiley & Sons invited Maura to literally ‘write the book’ on personal productivity, which is now the support material for our training.

What’s the First Step?
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