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Attention management is the new path to productivity.

Maura Thomas teaching productivity training to teams

Empowered Productivity™ training includes modules that are suitable for all levels of the organization, from the support staff to the CEO. It teaches participants to control their attention and manage their workload. Maura will customize a program from some or all of 6 modules of Empowered Productivity, based on your specific needs and expectations, with support from her first book, Personal Productivity Secrets.

Productivity training for leadership teams from Maura Thomas

Empowered Productivity™ training for leadership helps executives to master the behaviors that support, rather than sabotage, their teams, and the culture of productivity inside their organization. This training is based on her second book, Work Without Walls.

productivity training for individuals by Maura Thomas

Want to benefit from Empowered Productivity™ training on your own? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Very few things in life can have as big an impact as regaining control over your attention, so that you can live a life of choice, rather than a life of reaction and distraction. The Empowered Productivity System has impacted over 30,000 individuals, and the culture at thousands of organizations including the U.S. Army, Dell, L’Oreal, and the American Heart Association.

Today you have a chance to access the training that many successful people consider key to their productivity.

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Empowered Productivity Training with Maura Thomas is:

Unique – taking the approach that time management is no longer relevant, and attention management is the new path to productivity.

Strategic – challenging participants to think about new ideas, and reimagine old ideas in new, more relevant ways.

Tactical – empowering participants to immediately put the lessons into practice, and hit the ground running by the end of the program.

Consultative -partnering with clients to customize the content to address specific needs and maximize the return on training investment.

Lasting – supporting participants with focus on the 5 components that contribute to training success, plus pre- and post-training consulting for both leaders and individuals included.

Results-Oriented – Long-term behavior change is the goal of every training, and participants report gaining at least an hour of productive time per day. In addition, 90-days post training, voluntary surveys show the following from attendees: 

  • 96% are still using some or all of what they learned in the training,
  • 91% feel more control over details of life and work,
  • 91% feel more productive, and
  • 95% would recommend the training to others.

Training Highlight Reel:

Taking your training has made me realize how inefficient my prior work-life management “system” was! After just one day of utilizing your recommended tool and methodology, I already felt more in control and, as a result, slept better. I am excited about the long-term results of your program for myself and my team and I encourage others to take advantage of what you have to teach.

Victoria Yeager

Head of Contracts and Compliance, Genentech, Inc.