EPIC Programs

Empowered Productivity Implementation Coaching

EPIC (Empowered Productivity Implementation Coaching) Programs are a series of one-on-one or small group coaching sessions that allow participants to take a deep dive into Empowered Productivity, offering:

  • Supplemental content
  • Tailored guidance
  • Specific, hands-on, customized application
  • Ongoing, consistent reinforcement to support lasting behavior change

EPIC sessions are structured and guided by the trainer or certified Empowered Productivity coach, and follow a framework that will be adjusted and customized throughout, based on the needs of the group.

Maura Thomas team productivity training

EPIC is executed in the following format (consistency is critical to success):

minutes of sessions per week

minutes at the beginning of the week

minutes at the end of the week*

week engagements for small group EPIC Programs

week engagements for one-on-one EPIC Programs

*typically in consecutive weeks but can tolerate small adjustments based on client need

Outcomes of EPIC include deeper adoption of Empowered Productivity principles, and creation of more effective productivity habits.

Empowered Productivity infographic

Results include:

  • Improved attention management (less distracted throughout the day)
  • Better organizing, prioritizing, tracking, and accomplishment of important work (both professional and personal)
  • Improved email management,
  • Improved calendar management
  • More efficient and productive meetings
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Overall increased sense of control.