Personal Productivity Training for Individuals

Empowered Productivity Online

Empowered Productivity for individuals

Maura recognizes that everyone is struggling today to get through all the noise. If you aren’t part of a group or team, and you’re interested in productivity training, check out Empowered Productivity online.

Empowered Productivity online is a training Maura developed to help people just like you take control of their busy lives so that they achieve their most significant results.

The training is delivered via online video in 5 easy-to-digest modules that you can work through on-demand and at your own pace. It includes a copy of Personal Productivity Secrets, in paperback or e-book format.

I found Empowered Productivity online training incredibly useful—I’m using what I learned in my business and my full-time job, and I’m already feeling much less stressed out! The value far exceeds the cost. Thank you for helping me to retrain my brain and free up my mind again!

Cassi Munguia

Personal Productivity Secrets Book

Personal Productivity Secrets book by Maura Thomas

Also for individuals, Personal Productivity Secrets is a great way to learn how to control your attention and your life using the Empowered Productivity System. It is available most anywhere books are sold, in print, audio, and e-book formats, and it comes included with the Empowered Productivity online program.

[Personal Productivity Secrets provided] massive improvements in productivity and reduced stress levels on day 1!

Amazon review from Daisy

Empowered Productivity Public Workshops

Maura Thomas team productivity training

Regain up to TWO HOURS of productive time per day!  Join small business employees and independent professionals who have invited Maura to their city to deliver a productivity workshop. This is a full-day experience live with Maura, followed by individual follow-up support. If you’re looking for in-person personal productivity training just for yourself, don’t miss this opportunity!

This class was amazing! Great insights and topics were extremely relevant to managing my day.

Lance Sandlin, Dell, Austin, TX