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Focus on Your Most Important Work, Master Distraction, and Get More Done!

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Empowered Productivity® Online is an on-demand training platform designed for busy professionals like you who want to learn workflow management techniques based on the modern skill of attention management when it’s most convenient.

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Tame the two major types of distractions.

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Focus on the "important" over the "urgent."

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Select the best apps, software, and tools, plus get instructions for making the most of them.

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Master the three most critical steps to attention management.

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Regain at least an hour of productive time per day.

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Turn technology into the solution rather than the problem.

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Become thoughtfully responsive instead of habitually reactive.

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Enjoy more satisfaction in meaningful accomplishments.

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Learn to be more proactive, whether you have two minutes or two hours.

Empowered Productivity® Online Training

Virtual Training Package Includes:

Quality Content
5 modules with 43 bite-sized lessons

Unrestricted Access
24/7 access for a whole year

Closed Captioning
Available for all videos

Helpful Resources
Workbook, study aids, and connections

Implementation Support
90-day follow-up program


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Course Curriculum

Empowered Productivity Training Course Curriculum
Foundational Components of Empowered ProductivityTM

Learn how to finally get a handle on all of your commitments, communication, and information, both personally and professionally, so you can manage it all with less stress, more confidence, and greater satisfaction.

Action Management

If you manage your work through some combination of often-broken appointments with yourself, sticky notes, flagged emails, paper notebooks, and one or more apps or software programs, this module will help you work smarter, lower your stress, and empower you to prioritize and track your work appropriately.

Attention Management

If you often feel like you are exhausted at the end of another busy day, but also like you didn’t get enough of the important stuff done, this module will help you master distraction and put you back in the driver’s seat.

Productivity Tools

Learn to apply the Empowered Productivity® System to the apps and software you’re already using, and get step-by-step instructions for getting started on the path to peak productivity.

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Enjoy Greater Engagement, Productivity, and Satisfaction

As we navigate the complexity of today’s disruptions, we are forced to adapt to a rapidly changing work culture. Distractions are increasing, and working remotely is becoming the new normal, which means it’s more important than ever to empower yourself with the skills you need to excel in this new reality.

High-achieving individuals in a fast-paced culture require a different approach to productivity than traditional time management. It’s time to abandon the old ideas and give yourself the most critical skill for the 21st century: Attention Management.

You Deserve to Feel Empowered, Don’t Waste Another Minute!

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Empowered Productivity Founder, Maura Thomas

About the Instructor

Maura Nevel Thomas is an award-winning international speaker and trainer on individual and corporate productivity and work-life balance and the most widely cited authority on attention management.

She is a TEDx speaker, founder of Regain Your Time, author of three books, was named a Top Leadership Speaker for 2018 in Inc. Magazine, and has earned her MBA and the Certified Speaking Professional Designation. Maura is frequently cited as an expert in major business outlets, including Forbes, Fast Company, and Huffington Post, and she's also a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, with articles there viewed over a million times.

Featured In:

Maura Thomas has been featured in Havard Business Review and more

"After taking this course, I feel empowered! It has liberated me. Really!"

Roseanne R. Motti

Director of Community Relations, The New York Milk Bank, Inc.

"What I learned from you has been transformative! I have more mental space, less stress, and more joyfulness. it's been quite extraordinary!"

Chinyere Oparah

Provost, Mills College

"Maura’s Empowered Productivity Online Training is such a great resource for organizations of any size. I couldn't believe how simple it was to implement and get my team fully trained. I highly recommend it."

Steve Harper

CEO, Owner Insite

"The first week after implementing [what I learned], I tracked a 30% increase in my productivity!"

Mike Carr

The Consistency Initiative

"You brought light into my world! Everyone is talking about the training you did for us. Thank you, thank you!"

Dennise Jackson

Texas CASA

“Maura is a light of inspiration in a hopeless world of stress and “Too much to do.” This online program allowed me to consume the content at my own pace, gave me perspective on what I’m doing that didn’t serve me, and then a way to course-correct. I highly recommend the program!”

Robert Boland

CEO, Vault Fine Art Services

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