The Empowered Productivity Seminar

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed by never ending to-do lists?

Are you struggling to maintain a balanced life?

Award-winning productivity and time management speaker and author, Maura Thomas, invites you to learn the Empowered Productivity™ System, a process for successfully managing the details of life and work with less stress.

Don’t miss out on this one-day seminar!

You will learn:

  • techniques to regain two hours or more of productive time per day
  • a plan to combat the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • ways to avoid procrastination
  • a repeatable system for managing paper and email
  • and more!

The next seminar is:

September 18, 2018
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Werner Electric
7450 95th St S,
Cottage Grove, MN 55016

The Empowered Productivity Seminar includes:


**A FULL DAY with international productivity expert Maura Thomas

**Your own copy of Personal Productivity Secrets, called a “game changer” and “unbelievably valuable!

**Lunch and refreshments

**And a 90-day follow-up program including INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION by phone and email!

The investment in yourself and your career for all of the above is only $395 per person. Scroll down to learn more!


I had no idea this would be so life-changing!

– Sarah Remmert, San Antonio, TX

Featuring International Speaker and Trainer, Maura Thomas

Maura Thomas, speaking services, training services At this seminar, you’ll learn to manage your details and achieve your significant results from the person who was chosen by publishing giant John Wiley & Sons to write the book on personal productivity! After the live training, this program continues for 90 days and is your opportunity to learn directly from the author how to apply the methodology and techniques outlined in Personal Productivity Secrets: Do what you never thought possible with your time and attention, and regain control of your life!

I found Empowered Productivity training incredibly useful — I’m already feeling much less stressed out! The value far exceeds the cost.”

– Cassi Munguia, Woodridge, IL

Part One: Getting Out From Under – Clear Your Mind

This productivity seminar teaches participants to capture that information in a logical manner, so that it can be managed and acted upon appropriately. The process will help lower your stress level, make fewer mistakes, and forget less. By the end of this session, you will have:

  • An understanding of why time management training no longer matters
  • The most important skill for the 21st century
  • A useful system for managing your workload
  • A plan to combat the feeling of being overwhelmed that sneaks up on us all
  • Techniques to avoid procrastination
  • A list of free and low cost apps that will save you time and effort
  • Learned tips and techniques for getting maximum effectiveness from Microsoft Outlook® and many other technology tools
  • The skills to gain peace of mind knowing that everything is under control, and
  • The ability to be constantly proactive, whether you have five minutes or five hours to get things done.

Are you ready to clear your mind?

Ken doubled his income in the month after he put the Empowered Productivity System into practice!

Part Two: Clear Your Space – Controlling Paper and Email

Clutter (both physical and electronic) saps your mental energy and has a demotivating effect on your state of mind. It also causes wasted time spent looking for things. This productivity seminar will help you regain your space from physical and electronic clutter, give everything a home, and teaches you an effective, practical method for keeping it that way. You’ll learn to organize both paper and email in a logical way that will allow you to easily retrieve and act upon information in a timely manner. By the end of this session, you will have:

  • Advanced tips and techniques for getting maximum effectiveness from productivity tools and technology
  • A useful, repeatable system for managing email (and paper!)
  • Email best-practices – useful guidelines
  • The 4 reasons you’re drowning in email, and how to overcome them
  • A process for getting to an empty inbox, starting right on training day!
  • A methodology for staying on top of things and in control

Are you ready to clear your space?

“I have to admit that attending this seminar was probably one of the best investments of time that I have had the privilege of participating in.”

– Debbie Amelung, St. Louis, MO

More about what you’ll learn…

Successful people have their hands full at work. And most are also dedicated to a balanced life, and time with family and friends. This creates more communication, more responsibilities, and more commitments. Not to mention an endless to-do list. Few people have learned the skills necessary to balance these increased demands on their time. Even the most organized people are finding themselves overwhelmed and stressed out. A calendar and to-do list, even the electronic versions, just don’t cut it anymore. This workshop teaches you the Empowered Productivity™ System and can accommodate users of Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar/Tasks, and Apple iCal/Reminders. Using another tool? Over 80% of this training is dedicated to the proprietary Empowered Productivity™ System methodology which can be applied to any technology tools. Maura will help you to customize what you learn to your tool of choice.

Listen to Ami share the impact this training had on her entire organization:

“LOVED this training! Maura is wonderful. She shared so many great tips and strategies…I couldn’t write fast enough.”

– Katie Chatfield, St. Louis, MO

Training Continues After the Workshop!

After the training, you’ll receive reinforcement follow-up support to keep you focused and on track with your new learning, plus access to individual coaching by phone or email. This support is available for a full 90 days after the training!

Don’t miss out on this rare public opportunity to attend a live seminar with Maura!

This training value is worth many times the low price being offered, and every participant also receives a copy of Personal Productivity Secrets: Do what you never thought possible with your time and attention, and regain control of your life! Take this productivity seminar to arm yourself with the skills you need to regain control over endless to-do lists, learn to prevent things from falling through the cracks, and empower yourself to be consistently productive and proactive. You’ll learn techniques in this productivity seminar to regain two hours or more of productive time per day. Most people recoup their investment in the seminar within the first few days in time saved! Attendance is capped to ensure individual attention.

“I would really like to thank you for a great class! I am using all of your advice and the book is so helpful! Best of all, everything is really starting to work!”

– Ernestine Lammers, Austin, TX

Have questions? Email mt(at)maurathomas(dot)com or call 424-226-2872.