Productivity Training for Leadership


The biggest challenge to your team’s productivity is the behavior of the leaders.

Whether the culture of your organization supports or
sabotages your team’s ability to do their best work is
determined by how the leaders get work done and interact with their staff.

Maura offers flexible training options:

Virtual Training

On-Site Training

If your team is facing a high-pressure environment, having trouble prioritizing, not producing desired results, and getting distracted easily, these problems are being caused, or at least worsened, by your business culture. Traditional “time management” training for the team is unlikely to provide a solution, because it won’t address the root of the problems.

To unleash your team’s potential, your leadership needs more effective habits and your culture needs a reset. Let’s discuss your organizations specific situation.

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Results of Training

This half-day training for leadership productivity will:

Shine a light on how your company culture could be an obstacle to your team’s ability to improve their results, and how it may be undermining the productivity and effectiveness of the entire organization.
Teach your leadership team and managers the most effective behaviors to model, and ensure that they are equipped to fully support your professional development initiatives and goals.
Realize the maximum return on the training investment in your team by providing a blueprint for course correction, for both leadership productivity and corporate culture.

Potential Topics

Participants will identify and devise strategies to solve problems on some or all of the following topics around leadership productivity, customized to your unique situation:


Skill Gaps

How to manage the high-pressure, technology-rich, constantly-changing work environment faced by knowledge workers today. This enables executives to more effectively lead, allocate resources, and hold people accountable.

“Time Management”

How the idea of “time management” may actually be sabotaging productivity at your organization, and how the mastery of its replacement, attention management, is the answer.

Maximizing Knowledge Work

How to maximize knowledge work: In an environment where your employees’ brain is the tool of their trade, you need to support their ability to “bring their A game” every day.


How to assess if your habits and practices within the company communication channels might be unintentionally undermining flow and disrupting high-quality work.

Work Life Balance

How to define expectations of availability, to maximize return on investment in vacation policies and downtime. No one can get a fresh perspective on something they never step away from and inspiration and motivation need to be replenished.

Office Environment

How to create the best office environment. Your open-door policy and open-office floor plan (or the one you’re considering) could also sabotage focus, engagement, and productivity.

Remote Work

How to establish successful remote work policies and better manage your telecommuters.

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Jason Harden
CEO, Pacific Eagle Electric

Ever since I took your training, not only have I been more organized and on-task, but I have also been sharing with others here. I am a huge believer—you have created a life-changing System!

– McKinsey Lowenberg, Senior Executive Assistant

CUNA Mutual Group

I am amazed at the changes in my life since taking your training and reading your book! I work less, I feel more in control, my stress has gone down, I sleep better, and I’m getting better results. It’s changed not only my work life but my personal life as well. My team is reporting similar results. Thank you so much!

– Denise Verdicchio, Senior Director, Public Sector

SHI International Corp.

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