Productivity Training for Teams

Does your team have the skills they need to successfully manage the demands of their busy life?


Your staff has their hands full both at work and at home.

Everyone is busy all day, but they often don’t make progress on the most important things.

In the 21st century, “time management” is no longer enough.

That’s why Maura’s proprietary Empowered Productivity™ training programs are based in her unique perspective that attention management is the new path to productivity.


Maura offers flexible productivity training options:

Virtual Training

On-Site Training

On-Demand Training

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How do I know if my team needs Empowered Productivity training?


Leadership wants staff to have every advantage in dealing with the demands of growth, high pressure, an increasingly fast pace, the need to do more with less, or all of the above.


Employees cite “time management” issues.


Long hours are, or are becoming, the norm at your company.


Staff stress levels are high or increasing.


Burnout is a concern, now or in the future.


Turnover is a concern, now or in the future.


Job dissatisfaction and/or engagement are concerns.


Everyone seems busy, but core objectives are not being achieved, or are taking too long.


Quality issues are a concern.


Staff is drowning in email.


Meeting time is excessive.


Leadership is concerned that current skills and processes will not scale with growth.

If some or all of the above are true, then you need the Empowered Productivity System.

In just a couple of short weeks after our team attended Maura’s Empowered Productivity™ training, I can feel the reduction in stress and tension in our office. Every person who attended is reaping the benefits. Personally, I’ve seen a significant increase in the quality and timeliness of my work, and using her system has significantly reduced the pressure I was feeling at trying to constantly juggle priorities using my old methods. The response has been so positive at work that we’re already looking into how we can roll out Empowered Productivity training to the rest of our company. Maura exceeded my very high expectations!

-Charles Morin, Sr. Technical Solutions Engineer

Senior Metal Bellows

Premise of Training

The Empowered Productivity™ System , with its foundations in attention management, offers a solution for the endless demands of commitments, communication, and information inherent in busy professionals’ lives. Implementing this system will address the issues outlined above, and will also increase accountability, lower stress levels, and decrease costly mistakes throughout your organization. It will also:

Arm your staff with all the skills they need to regain control over their endless to-do lists.

Teach them the truth about multi-tasking & brain function.

Improve the effectiveness of communication within your organization.

Help them prevent things from falling through the cracks.

Empower them to break the reactive habit, and be consistently productive & proactive.

Participants report regaining at least an hour of productive time per day, and voluntary surveys 90-days post training show the following from attendees:


  • 96% are still using some or all of what they learned in the training, 
  • 91% feel more control over details of life and work,
  • 91% feel more productive, and 
  • 95% would recommend the training to others.


Maura offers flexible training options:

Virtual Training

On-Site Training

On-Demand Training

Teams have changed because of Empowered Productivity

Maura’s training is exactly what we needed at our company. We are a construction company that thrives on technology and has a strong open door policy culture. She provided us with real world solutions to enable our teams to function more effectively and efficiently! She kept the training light and easy to follow and we are now putting her system in place. I highly recommend her training to others! Thank you so much, Maura!

– Noelle Diebler, Controller

Winter Park Construction

Your sessions were absolutely wonderful, and they have definitely given me some momentum toward getting my life organized. I am excited to see various members of my sales team implementing your suggestions, and I have also been telling my friends & family about you.

– Alison Turner

SHI International Corp

I did find your session extremely valuable and it has absolutely changed the way I work. I am more organized and I am accomplishing a lot more day in and day out for myself, my team and the organization as a whole. I’ve made meetings more impactful, I’ve managed my emails better, I have been able to more effectively work through multiple projects simultaneously and still get normal day to day activities done. Thanks again.

– Sue Godfrey

CUNA Mutual Retirement Services

Training Outcomes

a useful system for managin workload
  • A useful system for managing their workload
  • A plan to combat the feeling of being overwhelmed that sneaks up on us all
  • Techniques to avoid procrastination
balance in productivity
  • A process to gain peace of mind knowing that everything is under control
  • The ability to be constantly proactive, in five minutes or five hours
  • The process for successful, long-term behavior change
logical system to manage paper and email
  • Tips & techniques for getting maximum effectiveness from their electronic tools (PC, Mac, handheld, and web-based)
  • A logical, repeatable system for managing paper and email
  • The tools to manage both internal and external demands on attention
Return on training investment
  • Maximum return on training investment
  • A blueprint for a productive corporate culture, that enables your staff to offer high-quality knowledge work to your organization every day.

How Is the Program Structured?

The following components of Empowered Productivity are customized into a training package based on the needs of the client:


Attention Management: If you often feel like you are exhausted at the end of another busy day, but also like you didn’t get enough of the important stuff done, it’s probably because you’re spending too much time being reactive, and not enough time being proactive. Learning attention management will help you master distraction and put you back in the driver’s seat.


Action Management: If you manage your work through some combination of often-broken appointments with yourself, sticky notes, flagged emails, paper notebooks, and one or more apps or software programs, this module will help you work smarter, lower your stress, and empower you to keep the big picture firmly in view so you can prioritize and track your work appropriately.


Communication Management: If you feel like you can never get out from under “communication debt,” this module provides the information you need to tame your inboxes and get back in control. Meeting Management is also an option to include in this module, including effective planning and execution of meetings,  getting results from meetings, and holding people accountable, including managing “up” and across teams.


Burnout Management: Burnout is not a problem to avoid in the future, it’s a current challenge to deal with now. Studies show burnout symptoms are 3x higher since the start of the pandemic. This module covers work-life balance, what it means, and how to achieve it. Plus how to reverse the trend toward burnout and help your team members love their work again.


Behavior Change Management: If you’ve tried to make improvements to your productivity (or to adopt any new habits) before, but weren’t successful, this is the module that unlocks the ways to make changes stick.


Culture Change Management: If the environment at your organization and the behavior of leaders contributes to any of the problems above (it does!), this session for leaders will provide the blueprint for course correction.


Empowered Productivity infographic

Live training, Virtual Delivery

Maura’s interactive presentations ensure that your employees will be engaged throughout the session and come away both educated and motivated. Typically delivered in a series over days or weeks. Inquire below to set up a discovery session.

Unleash Your Team's Potential

Work directly with Maura to arrive at a custom Empowered Productivity training engagement that meets your professional development priorities. Inquire below to set up a complimentary consultation.

Productivity at Your Own Pace

On-demand training provides a scalable, flexible option that can help your teams complete productivity training on their own schedule.

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Thank you! You brought light to my world. I hope that you continue to work with us. Everyone is talking about your training. Thank you. Thank you.

– Dennise Jackson

Texas CASA

Regain Your Time!™ Training was single-handedly the best company training we did last year. Since this class, we have seen an amazing amount of change in our employees, in ourselves and in the total amount of time needed to manage our company’s day-to-day operations.

– Kevin O’Brien, President