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Meditation is perhaps the one skill more essential to learn than any other if you are serious about controlling your attention. Meditation is quite literally the practice of focusing your attention internally, such as on your breathing, recognizing when your mind wanders, and bringing it back to the task at hand. For more information on this, I turned to a friend who taught a class on meditation that I attended, although admittedly I need much more practice. Dr. Steven Klayman, of Klayman Holistic Chiropractic, has been studying and teaching meditation for over 40 years, and following is what he had to say about the benefits of meditation with regard to controlling your attention and improving your productivity.

The question a non-meditator might ask is, “Why waste 20-30 minutes twice a day sitting around doing nothing when I could be accomplishing more stuff in that time?” This is a question I have received before and my secret thoughts around this are, “How do people get through the day without it?”

There are many reasons people choose to engage a meditation practice. One of them is specifically to accomplish more. The “sitting-down-quiet” type of meditation actually creates a deeper degree of rest than even the deepest part of sleep. Dr. Hans Selye, the physician who coined the term eustress (good stress), noted that meditation reversed the typical signs of stress. It can decrease the heart rate and  the breath rate to levels deeper than sleep. It can change the levels of stress chemicals like lactate and cortisol in the blood. These are markers of stress. It can elevate levels of serotonin, which is a happiness marker, which can allow a person to be more focused when they want to, and happier even if they don’t want to be!

Often, people experience a profound change in attitude when their stress levels decrease, and can become less irritable and find more joy in life.  It is not the events in life that are important but rather how we metabolize those events which determine not only our efficiency but also our enjoyment.

Maybe the chill pill is not a pill at all.

Dr. Steven Klayman is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He is the co developer of the TBM Allergy Harmonization Technique taught world wide. He is the inventor of the Pelvic Balancer, a self adjusting tool for those with back pain and sacro iliac joint pain. He has authored the book Stop the Headaches, a self help book. He can be reached via Klayman Holistic Chiropractic Clinic, in Austin, TX.

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