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Recently I was interviewed by my friend, Steve Harper, to help his clients at OwnerInsite become more productive and solve some of their productivity challenges. OwnerInsite offers construction project management software, but the advice Steve pulled out of me is relevant for any busy professional.

In this 13 minute interview, I explain how construction professionals (and others) can gain a greater sense of control over their work. You’ll also learn these other tips to become more productive:

  • The real reason most people struggle to manage their work and life responsibilities.
  • The most common source of stress, and how to eliminate it.
  • Why you’re drowning in email, and some tools that can help.
  • A surprising misconception about handling email.
  • Why flagging email doesn’t work.
how construction teams can become more productive: interview with steve harper of ownerinsite

Steve Harper

If you do work on construction projects, let me recommend that you check out OwnerInsite’s construction management software. It’s geared toward architects, engineers, contractors, owners, owners’ representatives, project managers, school districts, higher education institutions and municipalities.

Working with construction clients myself, I’ve seen all the deadlines and moving parts they have to manage. The software gets all the myriad details about construction projects in one place to enable better budgeting, communication and collaboration. That makes it a great tool to help any construction team become more productive.

Be sure to visit the OwnerInsite blog to watch my video interview with Steve. If you’re interested in a personal demonstration of OwnerInsite software, let me know and I’m happy to make an introduction.