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I’ve given you a lot of advice about reducing the amount of email you get. So you know a newsletter must be pretty special for me to recommend that you subscribe. But that’s how I feel about On the Dot. This newsletter is one of my favorite ways to get inspired and informed in just a few minutes a day.

On the Dot is the latest creation from Melinda Garvey and AW Media. It stands out because it’s an audio newsletter about inspiring women doing amazing things in the world. You can listen (or read, if you choose) to news, stories and commentary about women in business while you’re getting ready for work. (This is one of the few times I approve of multitasking—I usually listen while making my bed!) But don’t worry, On the Dot isn’t just for women. Men will get inspired, too. And they can gain a better understanding of the unconscious bias women face in their careers.

Melinda started On the Dot because she thought there were not enough outlets where women can tell their stories. The newsletter features women accomplishing all kinds of amazing things, from “Kitten Lady” Hannah Shaw to Kate Biberdof, who’s well on the way toward her goal of being the next Bill Nye.

Melinda and her staff have no trouble finding interviewees for these “Woman to Watch” features. She says she meets subjects when she travels or runs across them in her reading.

“Inspiring women are everywhere!” Melinda says. She hopes that On the Dot interviews make listeners feel that they’d like to meet the subjects.

Facts Worth Knowing — and Sharing

In addition to the “Woman to Watch” feature, each newsletter includes a “Women in Numbers” statistic. Garvey hopes subscribers will share these striking facts and figures. For example, did you know that we’re “118 years away from closing the gender gap in terms of labor-market opportunity, education, health and political clout”?

Melinda is passionate not just about the content of On the Dot, but also about presenting that content in a way that fits into people’s busy lives. The newsletter’s easily digestible bits of information help subscribers get inspired without taking much time from their day.

You can subscribe to the newsletter and catch up on past interviews at the On the Dot website.