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The New York Times published a recent article that really got my attention, titled: Who’s the Boss, You or Your Gadget? I thought it was going to be full of great advice, perhaps some ideas I wasn’t already teaching my clients.

Unfortunately, the article was full of examples of the ways several people are truly plugged in, but no tips on handling it, no references to studies showing if it’s harmful or helpful, no really useful information at all.  Basically it was just a regurgitation of the “technology overload” theme that is now beginning to appear often in the media.

If this is something that you’re struggling with, you may be interested to read a five part post I wrote on exactly how to regain control over your attention.  This, to me requires exerting control in three areas specifically, over the information you receive, over your technology, and over your own behaviors.  You can read the first part of the series here, and links to the subsequent parts are at the top of each page.

I hope you find it useful, and I’d love to read your comments!  Thanks for visiting!