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Maura is an award-winning corporate speaker, trainer, and author, and was invited to literally ‘write the book’—TWICE, once on productivity and once on attention management — for two of the largest publishers in the world.

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Maura Thomas is trusted by Old Navy, L'Oreal, Dell, Adobe, Honeywell, fiserv, Kaiser Permanente, Pandora, VMWare

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Maura is the perfect corporate speaker for your business or association event. Her unique message that attention management—rather than time management— is the secret to achieving what’s most important to you will have your audience viewing productivity in a whole new way. She debunks the myths surrounding productivity and “information overload,” leaving listeners feeling empowered, inspired, and armed with strategies they can implement immediately—strategies that impact all areas of their lives.

The most underrated problem facing businesses and busy professionals today.

Three challenges impeding your ability to achieve your goals—both personal and professional.

Find joy and exhilaration in daily activities, not just exhaustion

How to show up as your best self every day, in a way that is empowering and motivating instead of exhausting and overwhelming.

Easy ways to lower stress, improve clarity and peace of mind, and achieve more than you ever thought possible!

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Maura Thomas is a Certified Speaking Professional

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“Maura delivered a fantastic presentation. Her humor and enthusiasm kept us engaged and excited…!”

-Ellie DeLuca

SalonCentric, division of L’Oreal

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* Note that Maura is happy to customize the title and content of her presentations to match the theme of your event and the needs of your participants.

Control Your Attention, Control Your Life!

Attention Management is the New Path to Productivity

Busy professionals rely on technology to live and work. However, this very technology presents some of our greatest challenges: distractions that constantly derail us not only from the task at hand, but from the path that we determine for our lives. To manage “information overload,” most of us turn to the lessons of time management, but these techniques are outdated and irrelevant. It’s time to learn work-life management skills more suitable for the 21st century. Maura will help you discover the number one skill for the future: “attention management.” In addition, this presentation will provide secrets to help you:

  • Learn how you are sabotaging your own productivity and attention.
  • Harness your attention to unleash your genius.
  • Discover strategies to tame technology and turn it into the solution, rather than the problem.
  • Lower stress, and improve clarity and peace of mind.
What You Need to Know to Achieve ALL of Your Goals This Year!

Eliminate Obstacles, Overcome Procrastination, and TurboCharge Your Productivity

Maura will address your audience’s biggest challenges interfering with their personal success and their organization’s growth, and help them to achieve more of their most significant results every day. In this interactive presentation, Maura will collect your audience’s most pressing challenges that interfere with their ability to get their most important work done. 

Attendees will then receive step-by-step strategies to overcome each of those hurdles: whether it’s constant distraction, too many sticky notes, procrastination, technology challenges, overwhelming email, too much to do and not enough time to do it, or any other challenge standing between your attendees and their goals. This is your opportunity to get productivity advice tailored to their specific needs. Maura will share insights from her decades in the productivity industry and her unique perspective that time management is outdated, and attention management is the NEW path to productivity.

This talk and the one above are suitable for audiences of professional office staff (admin to CEO), in keynote or breakout format, and can be modified for delivery in any time slot from 45 minutes up to a full day or anything in between.

Everyone Wants to Work Here!

Helping Leaders Amplify Performance

Knowledge work requires a different approach. Are you maximizing your team’s success? If your team is facing a high pressure atmosphere, having trouble prioritizing, and getting distracted easily, then traditional time management is unlikely to offer the solution. The root of the problem may be compromised corporate culture, unintentionally reinforced by senior leadership. In order to solve this problem, your culture needs a reset, and your leadership needs to model effective behaviors. This
program will:

  • Provide workflow strategies that help executives more effectively lead, allocate resources, and hold people accountable.
  • Support them in capitalizing on their knowledge, finding their “flow” and unleashing their genius, to be the
    visionary thinkers and leaders their positions demand.
  • Raise awareness of a culture that was likely created without intention, and how it may be undermining the productivity and effectiveness of the entire organization,
    and offer a blueprint for course correction.

This program is available as a breakout session in a leadership track and is available in formats from 1-4 hours.

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Maura’s 2013 TEDx Talk on Attention Management
(2 minute preview)

“Maura is one of the best speakers I’ve experienced—very engaging, funny, and provides great take-aways!”
-Geraldine Flatt, Vice President of Human Resources and Retail Operations
Gloria Ferrer

Her unique and effective approach to productivity has made Maura Thomas a featured expert in hundreds of local and national media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, US News and World Report, and the Huffington Post. She’s also a regular columnist for both Forbes and Harvard Business Review.

Her entertaining and engaging presentations, supported by the runaway success of her six books will be the highlight of any corporate speaking event or association conference that seeks to motivate, inspire, and empower its audience.

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I think this meeting will go down in history as one of the best ever for us! Our Attendees LOVED, LOVED, LOVED you!!
Shirley Robinson

Texas Hospital Trustees

I just wanted to say “thank you” for a fantastic presentation! I’ve attended many “time management” trainings and presentations in my career. Yours is the first one that makes sense.

Chicago, IL

Maura Thomas is a Certified Speaking Professional
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