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Media Update: Spotlight on Attention Management

Media Update: Spotlight on Attention Management

My new book, Attention Management: How To Create Success And Gain Productivity – EVERY DAY,  launched in early September. Since then, there has been a whirlwind of media events, such as podcasts, and TV, radio, and print interviews. I’ve had a busy fall, and it’s only...

Are You Wasting Time On This Task?

Time management is an outdated concept, and many of the traditional "tips" aren't relevant for the 21st century. One typical piece of “time management” advice that is contrary to effective task management is to try to estimate on your to-do list how long each task...

Productivity Follows Process

Several months ago I wrote an article about productivity and time management tools (also called PIMs for "personal information managers"), and I ended that by writing, "the process is the missing piece to using any tool successfully." The most important element of...


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