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Checking Email on Vacation Just Isn’t Productive

Checking Email on Vacation Just Isn’t Productive

If you know my work, you know I'm no fan of checking email on vacation. A recent email exchange I had with a friend reminded me why this is such a damaging habit. Me: When can you get this done? Friend: I’m on vacation, but maybe tomorrow. Friend, on a new topic: See...

Tips for Recovering from a Business Trip

Travel Tips That Work for Vacation, Too   I was recently approached by Entrepreneur Magazine to write an article about getting back into the swing after a mid-week business trip. I discussed how to quickly catch up on email (learn about my "Four Pass Technique"),...

Productive Traveling Tips

It seems like periodically in my career, I turn into a temporary and intermittent Road Warrior.  There are certain times when lots of travel is necessary.  Given my line of work, with every trip I try to notice what I can do to wring a little more productivity out of...


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