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My latest book, Work Without Walls, has been steadily gaining momentum since its launch in February. It’s great to see the book resonating with readers and reviewers who want to learn how to create thriving, productive workplace cultures. I’m especially excited about the latest Work Without Walls review. The influential Kirkus Reviews calls the book a “must-read for managers who are trying to navigate today’s workplace.”

Other points Kirkus singled out in its Work Without Walls review:

  • Nurturing knowledge workers’ physical and psychological well-being is a powerful way to boost productivity. That can take many forms, from encouraging them to grab a quick cat nap at the office to allowing them to work remotely.
  • Offices need both collaborative spaces and quieter areas where employees can engage in focused work. (Distraction-free spaces can be tricky to come by in an open-office layout.)
  • Managers who judge productivity based on face time at the office need a skills update.
  • Attention management is an essential skill in today’s distraction-filled workspaces. But it doesn’t come naturally to most of us, and it needs to be more widely taught.

The book provides specific instructions for evaluating and implementing each of these points (and a wealth of others to improve the culture of productivity) in your organization

I also appreciate Kirkus’ kind words about how useful the book’s margin notes and “Takeaways You Can Tweet” are. I wanted to make it very easy for the busy people reading Work Without Walls to put the book’s ideas into action! And I loved that the reviewer found the book “an ideal accompaniment for in-office training sessions,” as I do in fact offer training for leadership teams (with the book as support material) on how to create optimally productive workspaces, and how leaders’ habits may actually be undermining the productivity of the team.

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Bonus tip: If you love audiobooks, try the PDF version of the book in combination with a text-to-speech app. I haven’t tried them all, but my favorite so far is Voice Dream.