You may have landed on this page because you have read, or are reading, my latest book, Attention Management: How to Create Success and Gain Productivity Every Day! , and you’d like to learn a bit more about workflow management.

You may not have even considered that you can systematize the way you manage the details of your life—the way you store, organize, and act upon all the actions you need to take, to keep all parts of your life running smoothly.

Anytime you can systematize something, it gets easier, because you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” every day. There is a formula for this, and it’s the following:


Tools + Methodology = Productivity

I’ve put together a series of articles that will explain this in greater detail, so you can:


  • Understand how a workflow management system can help you
  • Get acquainted with my proprietary Empowered Productivity™ System, and
  • Get started on the road to Empowered Productivity.

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